7 questions about the business license in Clarksville

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs February 25, 2020
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En Hispanic Entrepreneurs we answer 7 questions to clarify to obtain a business license in Clarksville. The process will seem overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with everything you need to do and the forms you have to fill out. There are agencies that offer help to simplify the process for new business owners, but you may be able to do it yourself.

These are the doubts about the business license in Clarksville that you must clarify

Gather all the information you need to opening a business in Clarksville it takes time. Especially that which has to do with the licenses and permits you must obtain to start operating. You must research the requirements that are asked of you both in the city, in Montgomery County and in the state.

During the process you will have to visit several government offices to find out what you need. Although on the official websites you will find the information and even the forms that you must submit. At first it will seem intimidating to get a business license for your business, but if you know where to research you will see that you will succeed.

This time we want to answer some frequent questions that new business owners have about the process to obtain a business license. If you are taking your first steps as an entrepreneur in Clarksville, you should read this information.

What businesses need to have a business license?

In order for a business to operate in Tennessee, it requires a business license. This is required at the state level, but must also be requested in the county and in the city. Most businesses need this license. Only those with earnings of less than $ 3.000 annually are exempt.

Instead, businesses earning between $ 3.000 and $ 10.000 in profit must obtain a minimum activity license. And, if the earnings are $ 10.000 or more, you need a standard business license.

Can I start operating without having a business license?

According to Tennessee regulations, no company can start working without the corresponding license. So it is important to find out well about the procedures and permits to open a business before starting it.

To avoid charges for not having processed the license, it must be obtained within the first 20 days after starting work.

Where to process licenses?

As we mentioned you should find out what are the types of business licenses You need in Clarksville. But also the county and the state will require certain requirements, so you must do the procedures at these three levels.

If, for example, the business will have multiple locations, each will need a license.

Licenses are processed at government agencies. Depending on the industry in which you are going to do business, they will require certain requirements or permits.

For steps to obtain your Clarksville business license you can seek advice or contact the official departments of the city of Clarksville and Montgomery County.

What costs does the application imply?

To obtain the license you must pay a fee of $ 15 to both the city and the county. Be sure to make the payment separately. The amount is the minimum for both the minimum activity license and the standard business license.

This amount must be paid each time the license is to be renewed. You should also be aware of the official information channels to stay updated on the amounts to be paid. If you have a business advisor, they will help you keep up to date with all the information.

How often must the license be renewed?

La business license must be renewed every year. The date will depend on the classification of your business. The renewal will be automatic after filing the return and paying the corresponding tax to the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Do I need to do this procedure to have a home business?

Yes, even if you go to open a business at your home in Clarksville you must obtain the corresponding permits and licenses. Among these is the application for housing occupancy. As in the rest of the cases, the permits you need will depend on the type of business. And you'll need to make sure it complies with zoning regulations.

Where can I find information on permits?

The Internet is a valuable source of information for opening a business. You can save yourself a lot of office visits, but be sure to research the official channels of the city, county, and the state of Tennessee itself. On the following websites you will find what you need:

In addition to these sites you can also go to the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce or the Tennessee Small Business Center. These institutions are familiar with the process and can provide you with the advice you need. If you have more questions about the business license in Clarksville, do not hesitate to contact one of them.

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