Alibaba as a business option this 2023

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs February 09, 2023

The popularity of marketplaces has escalated unstoppably in recent years, making them attractive not only for consumers, but also for those looking for where to invest. The convenience of buying/selling from anywhere in the world and being exposed to millions of users are two attractions that are difficult to ignore. With this in mind, in Hispanic Entrepreneurs we will talk today about Alibaba as a business option this 2023. The Chinese giant has caught the attention of merchants who see this site as a way to expand their sales strategy.

Next, we will see why you should consider doing business on this platform.

The start of Alibaba

La history of alibaba group begins in China, in 1999. That year was the launch of the first platform online Group: The founder of it is Jack Ma, who gathered a group of his tech-savvy friends to materialize the idea of ​​it.

The intention was create an e-commerce platform in which Chinese companies will connect with buyers from all over the world. thus became a simple and profitable platform for doing B2B business.

Merchants sell their products to consumers and other businesses looking for suppliers. They can display their products for free, as long as their catalog does not have more than 50 products. They can also opt for one of the plans Gold in exchange for extra benefits. It is through these plans that the platform receives income.

Yahoo's investment in 2005 was essential in expanding Alibaba's horizons.

Alibaba Group is not just one website, but is made up of several; namely:

  • It is the first platform of the group and it has a B2B focus. Merchants can display their products for free or pay for a Gold plan which, among other benefits, allows them to have unlimited products.
  • Taobao: It has some similarities with eBay, since it can be sold at a fixed price or through auction. Its business focus is B2C and C2C. It was founded in 2003.
  • Tmall: is a specialized website that sells well-known brand products to Chinese consumers. Merchants must pay an annual fee to sell on the site. Umbro, Lenovo, Adidas and Nine West are some of the brands that have stores on Tmall.

In addition, the group has other services such as Alipay, Alimama, Aliyun and China Smart Logistics.

Alibaba as a business option this 2023

Now that we know the group more closely, we will focus on how to take advantage of to do business.

If you are a merchant, the platform gives you the opportunity to have a wide showcase for your products. Whether you are just starting out or have already established yourself, whether you have a small or very large catalogue. In Alibaba you will find a space for you to sell.

It is also an easy way to expand your sales beyond your geographical location, because you can reach consumers all over the world.

Here it is necessary to note that you do not need to have a company in China to sell on Alibaba. The origin of the company usually generates this confusion, but the truth is that you can register from anywhere in the world. Also, consumers can be in any country.

Once you start selling you have control of the transactions, the platform does not intervene. The buyer and seller agree the details of the purchase between them. What the platform does is that it verifies the products at the time you upload it. With this it is also understood that Alibaba does not have warehouses, the seller takes care of everything.

As a business you can not only sell, but you can also buy on One of the advantages, in this sense, is that the prices on the platform can be quite accessible. Therefore, it can mean significant savings for you in access to supplies for your company.

Doing business on Alibaba can be very profitable if you know how to take advantage of the platform.

And if you want to go beyond, why not try one of the other sites in the group. As long as you meet the requirements of each one.

How to sell on

Starting to sell on Alibaba is easy and it will take you little time to set up your space within the platform.

  1. You must first create an account as a provider. You only need to specify the location of your store and your email. They will also ask you for basic information.
  2. Verify the account through the message you will receive in your email.
  3. Then, add the rest of the data requested by the platform, these include the payment methods.
  4. At this point you can upload the products, which must be verified by the platform.
  5. Start receiving orders from your customers.

 Have you considered Alibaba as a business option this 2023? If so, don't wait any longer and start selling on the marketplace Asian.

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