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Benefits of the SII digital certificate

Digital certificate benefits
Digital certificate benefits

From Hispanic Entrepreneurs we list the benefits of digital certificate. This is a requirement to issue electronic invoices, but it also has other advantages such as greater security and reliability. We indicate how to obtain it and start using it before the Internal Revenue Service (SII).

What is the digital certificate?

The digital certificate, also known as an electronic signature, is a tool that allows to demonstrate the digital identity of a natural or legal person. With this it is possible to certify documents celebrated by electronic means that will have the same validity as those celebrated on paper.

Although the digital signature began to be used in Chile about 20 years ago, now - in an attempt to modernize processes - it has become a requirement for companies. This is because it is required to issue electronic invoices, as established by the law that governs this matter.

In other words, now that companies must issue electronic invoices, they must have a digital certificate.

The digital signature is equivalent to the handwritten signature and has the same validity as it.

With the certificate you can celebrate acts and documents of different kinds. For example, making statements and inquiries before the SII; sign employment contracts, pension system, verification certificates, electronic prescription, among others.

Thanks to the electronic signature, the processes are faster, safer and it is not necessary to go to a physical place to sign. The certificate can be accessed from any computer.

In addition to the benefits of the digital certificate, you should know that there are two types of electronic signature:

  • Simple Electronic Signature.
  • Advanced Electronic Signature.

The difference between the two is the level of security. The simple is downloaded to the user's computer and is stored there, while the advanced is stored in an e-token. In addition, the latter allows to carry out more procedures than the simple signature. It is the one you need to use the system Your Company in a Day.

How to obtain the SII digital certificate?

To obtain it, you must contact one of the companies that provide digital certificates. The process is the following:

  • Contact and make the request to the provider.
  • The Registration Entity reviews the application and verifies the identity of the applicant.
  • The provider issues the certificate that can be downloaded with the ID and password that it sends to the client.
  • Finally, it must be centralize SII digital certificate to start issuing electronic invoices.

The cost of the digital certificate varies from one provider to another. Also, advanced signatures are usually a bit more expensive than simple ones.

Digital certificate benefits

Electronic invoices provide greater reliability when issuing electronic invoices. In addition, it is essential for other digital tax documents such as purchase invoices, debit and credit notes.

With this system, all acts that are processed digitally will be valid and cannot be rejected. Also, there is greater security when negotiating with a person or company that you do not know.

Below we list these and other benefits of the electronic signature:

Saving time in procedures

The electronic signature simplifies process management in a number of ways. The certificate can be accessed from anywhere, avoiding having to move to another location to sign a document. It is a step forward towards the automation of management.

Boost business creation

In the first place, having a digital certificate provides greater security and reliability towards organizations that we do not know, thanks to the fact that it proves their digital identity. On the other hand, it is a requirement to create companies in one day, a quick and simple system to start your business.

Cost savings

By reducing transfers, the costs associated with them are also reduced. In addition, it reduces the use of paper within the organization and the expenses it implies. Although you have to pay for the certificate, in the long run it means saving money.

Legal validity

As we have mentioned before, among the benefits of the digital certificate, it stands out that any document in which the electronic signature is used will be valid. As much as if it were signed on paper.

Management automation

How much time does a company spend classifying and filing documents? With the electronic certificate these processes are simplified and streamlined. It will even be easier to send documents between organizations, since it can be done in digital format. Consequently, productivity within the organization will also increase.

Access from anywhere

The technology allows access to the certificate from anywhere, even using mobile phones. So any agreement or transaction can be done instantly, no matter where they are.

Another benefit of the digital certificate to take into account is that it is a more ecological procedure. This is due to the saving of paper and reduction of transfers that we mentioned before. Evaluate what type of electronic signature is best for you before hiring the service. If you need advice, contact us.

In case you are in Concepción and you need to go to the SII office, this is the address

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