What type of company to choose to start my business?

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What type of company to choose to start my business

Decide what type of company to choose to start my business it is crucial, so it is best to take time to analyze it. In Hispanic Entrepreneurs We decided to make a count for you of the options you have.

Factors to consider

You want to have your own company, but you don't know where to start. The first thing to do is decide whether you will start a business from scratch, buy an existing one, or acquire a franchise. Each option has its pros and cons, and only you will have the last word on which path to take.

But, before choosing, you must understand well the types of company and their characteristics. This way you make sure to choose the most suitable one for you.

A hasty decision can be a mistake. Therefore, our recommendation is that you take the time you need to evaluate the possibilities.

During planning consider how much time you will spend on the new business, the budget and the experience you have in the area. If you are a specialist in a specific industry, this will give you more advantages than in other areas that you ignore.

Also consider the size of the project you are embarking on. Sometimes it is better to take small steps than to cover a lot at once. For example, if you are going to start a fresh food sale like summer businessYou can start with a couple of dishes and expand the menu as it grows.

What type of company to choose to start my business?

Below we mention the alternatives you have to evaluate.

Buy an existing business

Buying a business saves you time and trouble. If you are considering a business that has had a sole owner or a general partnership, you will be buying assets from the owner; therefore, you will need the county clerk's office to grant you a new business license, since you will not assume the liabilities of the company you are acquiring, unless you agree to do so.

Make sure all taxes that were due prior to purchase have been paid. Otherwise you will be forced to pay pending taxes.

The disadvantages of choosing this type of company would be that there may be few clients that you can attract. Vendor relationships may not be as favorable due to outstanding accounts payable and financial history may not be rosy as the owner led you to believe.

The truth is that once you have decided to buy a business, you have few steps to take. Define what are the objectives you want to achieve and determine the value of the business you plan to buy. Something that will be of great help is doing an analysis of the profit and loss balance of the last three years of the company.

In conclusion, if you do a thorough research you can buy a business that makes your dream come true. But if you don't worry about doing this deep study, this dream can turn into a nightmare.

Buy a franchise

A franchise is the right or license to sell the products or services of the franchisee. This industry is beneficial because it offers a package of support, marketing data, and proven products or services.

 Depending on the type of franchise you choose the risks are less than starting a business from scratch. A successful franchise will offer you a known product or service, a certain level of demand, and a set price.

Many franchises conduct market research that includes data on the target audience, product analysis and competitor prices, trends, sales projections, product design and delivery service. They even have a ready-made promotional plan.

This is very beneficial, but -on the other hand- when acquiring a franchise you will have to pay an upfront fee plus periodic rates for corporate expenses, such as company management, advertising, among others.

Another downside is that the franchise will require you to purchase inventory only from approved vendors or the corporation's dedicated office. In addition, some require a minimum level of sales or profitability to continue the business relationship.

A good advice before making this decision is to speak with other franchise owners who can provide you with information about their experience in the business or advise you with companies specialized in this area. This will help you decide what kind of company should I create.

Start a new business

The benefits of starting a new business are that you can have a flexible schedule, you are your own boss, you do not depend on the decisions of a corporation and you have no limits to set what your income will be. However, the time and energy that you must invest, as well as the stress in the family and finances must be considered before start your own company.

You will have to choose whether you will work full time or part time. A part-time home business will give you the first lessons in learning how to run a business.

Also ask yourself if you have sufficient knowledge in marketing, pricing, financial projections, and accounting.

Will the business you want to start require you to learn new skills? It will be more difficult to develop these skills on your own than in a corporate environment where you get training and have the support of colleagues to help you through the process.

The most important thing in this topic is that you recognize that you have the ingredients with your personality, interests, abilities, commitment, relationships, priorities and dreams.

This information will help you decide what type of company to choose to start my business. If you have doubts, contact us and we provide you with advice.

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What type of company to choose to start my business?