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Keys to choosing the best location for a new business

Keys to choosing the best location for a new business
Keys to choosing the best location for a new business

Know choose the best location for a new business It can be the difference between success and failure. This decision is one of the most important, yet many times it is not given enough attention. Hispanic Entrepreneurs This time brings the key factors to choose the best location for a new business.

Each business has particular needs, therefore it will need a different type of location. For a service company, for example, it is enough to rent an office to receive the client. But a cafeteria needs to have a kitchen or a store that needs warehouse space.

But, in addition to this, elements such as convenience for the owner and for the clients themselves must be evaluated. If there are competitors nearby or there are other businesses that attract the same type of clientele, among others.

Importance of choosing a location

When undertaking, you must spend enough time choosing where to put a business. It's about choosing the best state, city, and neighborhood. Tennessee is an entrepreneur-friendly state, and Clarksville, in particular, is among the best cities to start a business.

Beyond this you have to know where in the city it is convenient for you to have your premises or office. What is the neighborhood that best suits your company. The location will determine if it is easy to find, if customers will come, access to resources, the rent you must pay, among other aspects.

All of this can vary greatly from place to place. So you must do a complete evaluation before signing a contract. Your product or service may vary, the price drops or rises, but the place where the business will be located is more permanent.

Choosing the premises is something you must do yourself, although you can seek advice from real estate agents. If you go to acquire a franchiseThe franchisor will help you identify the best area to invest.

How to choose the best location for a new business

Keys to choosing the best location for a new business:

Rent cost

If you are starting a business, you probably do not have much money to invest in the premises. In the business plan you must have calculated an estimate of what the rent will cost you, stick to that figure.

Convenience for you and the clientele

Ask yourself if it is convenient for your business location to be close to your home and if the location meets your expectations. Is it a site that customers will reach without problems? Do you have similar businesses nearby? Is a neighborhood safe? Answer these questions to find out if it's a suitable place.

You should also consider employees if you have them. See if they can be easily reached, if there is parking and public transport nearby, etc.

Features of the facility

There are businesses that have certain requirements to be able to operate. Before renting you should pay attention to the characteristics of a commercial premises and make sure it has what you need.

For example, if you are going to open a beauty salon, the premises must have enough electrical capacity to be able to work. Likewise, it must have the appropriate number of plugs for each workplace, water pipes for the washing station, etc.

In case of not meeting your requirements, ask the owner of the premises if he can make the necessary adjustments.

Closeness of competition

In this case you must choose whether to be close to the competition or not. There is a current that indicates that it is more convenient to find your own niche, placing the business far from the competition. Another argues that if a competitor's business works in one place, you can also take advantage of it.

Choosing between one and the other will depend on the type of business you have and your expectations.


This point is very important since a place can attract you a lot, but if the activity you do is prohibited in the area, you will not be able to operate.

Each city has its rules in this regard. You need to stay on top of what the Clarksville zoning ordinance to find out if your business may be in a specific area.

If you find that your activity is prohibited in an area, the options you have are: adjust your business to what the ordinance indicates or find another place.

Services and facilities

A commercial premises must have all the basic services active. In addition, most businesses today need an Internet connection. Make sure that the place you choose meets all these requirements and is up to date with the payment of services.

You should also take into account other facilities such as parking spaces. If you expect customers to arrive by car there should be a place to park nearby. Consider the cost of parking, if there is security in the area, etc.

This information will help you to know how to search for a business. However, the most suitable place will depend on the characteristics of your company.

Now you know the keys to choosing the best location for a new business. Have you already chosen the place where your company will be? Tell us what you have taken into account to make the choice.

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