Latin food to enjoy in spring

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs Apr 10, 2021
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On another occasion we talked about popular Hispanic dishes in the US. From Hispanos Emprendedores we continue to spread our gastronomic culture, this time with the Latin food to enjoy in spring. Keep reading and know what are the dishes that you cannot miss in these months.

What to eat in spring?

Are you one of those people who are aware of seasonal foods or do you ignore what do you eat in spring?

Although now you get any product throughout the year in supermarkets, you should know that it is better to consume them in their season. It is at that moment when they are in their best state, both their appearance and their flavor are the most optimal; they are even more nutritious and healthy.

Spring foods are characterized by being very colorful, which adds an extra to the presentation of meals. There is more variety of fruits and vegetables than in the fall / winter so you can take advantage of preparing more variations of dishes.

At this time the meals begin to be fresher, something that is maintained until the summer.

Among the vegetables that grow in spring we find peas, asparagus, artichokes, watercress, beets, beans, peas, onions, cucumber, lettuce, corn (corn or corn), among others.

Fruits include peaches, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, avocado, etc. Although they are more common for desserts, some of these are also included in savory dishes.

The variety of recipes that you can prepare with these ingredients is very extensive. Next we will mention several dishes that you can enjoy during these spring months.

Latin food to enjoy in spring

The idea is to look for inspiration in Latin food to make the most of these seasonal ingredients. With them you will prepare fresher meals and with all the flavor that characterizes the gastronomy of our culture.

1. Arroz spring

When you read the name you will already imagine what it is about. It is a rice that is prepared with vegetables that give the recipe its spring character. Corn, red and green peppers and onion are the vegetables that complete the plate.

Rice is an important food in Latin America, to the point that there are countries where it is prepared almost daily. This way of eating it allows you to vary the recipe to get out of the typical white rice.

In addition, its preparation is not very different from that of a normal rice. The only extra step would be to fry the vegetables and add it to the ready-made rice to mix all the ingredients.

2. Ceviche

Fish is one of the foods eaten in spring and ceviche is ideal as a fresh dish, as well as nutritious.

It is prepared with raw white fish or shellfish. This makes it a plate full of protein and vitamins. In addition, the vegetables and greens that accompany it provide more vitamins, fibers and minerals.

Ceviche can be prepared with different types of fish and you can take advantage of tropical ingredients to accompany it, such as coconut or grapefruit. The latter is in season from January to June and is a great complement if you add it in pieces.

3. empanadas

Another Latin food to enjoy in spring is empanada. It is popular in various Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Chile, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and more.

There are also different versions; the dough is prepared with corn or wheat flour and the fillings are very varied.

Some filling options are vegetable mixes, animal protein, or mixes of both. Chicken, beef, beans, eggs, potato, cheese, chorizo; this and more is possible to find inside an empanada.

There are even sweet versions with fillings like dulce de leche or pecans.

4. Prepared corn

In Mexico it is known as corn, in other countries it is corn or corn. We use the first term because we will talk about this Mexican dish.

Although it is generally used as an ingredient in typical spring foods, it is also eaten alone. In the streets of Mexico it is popular to find vendors of prepared corn.

It is more of a snack that consists of cooked corn bathed in a mayonnaise-based cream. Cream, lemon and chili powder are also added to the preparation. It is eaten shelled or straight from the cob.

5. Rolling pinono spring

This is a dish that has its origin in Argentina. The sweet version is popular, but in this case we are referring to the salty one with typical ingredients of this time of year.

To prepare it, first the pinono is made, which is a basic pastry dough. It is a thin sheet of sponge cake. This is prepared with the ingredients of your choice. You can use cream cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, tuna, chicken, carrots, hard-boiled egg, among others.

If you opt for the sweet version of this roll, you can fill it with whipped cream or dulce de leche, nuts, strawberries, etc.

Try this Latin food to enjoy in spring with the ingredients of the season. share with Hispanic Entrepreneurs Which one is your favorite.

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