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Latino Foods: Best Latino Restaurants in Texas

Latino Foods: Best Latino Restaurants in Texas
Latino Foods: Best Latino Restaurants in Texas

The Latino presence is already part of the United States, in many of its cities there is a great variety of food sales from this part of the continent. That's why in Hispanic Entrepreneurs we tell you more about the Latino Foods: Best Latino Restaurants in Texas.

Latin food in the United States

Millions of Latino immigrants have captivated the palate of Americans. Those who reach North American soil try not to lose their roots and therefore retain their flavors.

Hispanic food is considered one of the most popular and it has expanded beyond Mexican tacos. There is more and more consumption of dishes from Central, South America and the Caribbean, especially by millennials who are very comfortable with other cultures.

Latin gastronomy is already part of the United States, this will continue for a long time. The children of immigrants will continue to prepare authentic Latin food and others will mix it with the American flavor.

Latino Foods: Best Latino Restaurants in Texas

In one of the states where Latin food has become the most popular is Texas, especially Mexico because of its proximity to this country. In any region of the state you can find Mexican, Tex-Mex and other parts of Latin America

1-My Town

It is one of the most iconic restaurants in Houston. He is a specialist in Colombian food, you can find ajiaco, tripe, paisa tray, minced, cheese arepas, fritters, suckling pig, etc. It also offers native desserts such as tres leches cake, cream dessert, rice pudding and figs with arequipe.

2-Gourmet taste

This one has a Venezuelan stamp. Also in Houston, it offers Hallas, Arepas, Cachapas, Tequeños, Golfeados, among other typical dishes. Among the drinks they have lemon juice, which is among the most popular.


This restaurant, which opened in 2.002, is recommended in Houston for being a specialist in Mexican dishes. They prepare everything from duck in mole poblano, shrimp aguachile, carnitas, green ceviche, stuffed chile, chicken enchiladas, to tumbada rice and Aztec soup.

It is led by the award-winning chef Hugo Ortega who describes his cuisine as light and fresh., but at the same time deep and complex, as well as earthy like a corn tortilla. It also has an award-winning wine, cocktail and tequila menu. It is housed in a 1.925 building designed by the city's architect, Joseph Finger, who also devised the Art Deco-style Houston City Hall.

Ortega is also in charge of other popular restaurants such as Caracol and Xochi also serving Mexican food.

4-Saldivia's South American Grill

It is an Argentine food establishment with Italian and Uruguayan influence, among its most popular dishes are grilled steaks and meats with its secret recipe for chimi churri sauce. It also offers empanadas, sweetbreads, grilled shrimp, roast, barbecue and rack of lamb.

It has an exclusive wine list from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and traditional wines from California and other regions. They liven up the evenings on Saturdays with live tango and folk music and piano on Fridays.

5-Cafe Piquet

It is one of the gastronomic references of Houston to be of old date. It was born in 1.996 and has long served traditional Cuban recipes. It is a popular destination for tourists and city dwellers. It is considered one of the best Cuban restaurants in the area.

You can get stuffed tostones, fried cheese with guava, pork steak, yuca with mojo, banana Fufu on their menu. As well as El Cubano con chicharitas, which is a Cuban sandwich with Swiss cheese, ham, pork, mustard and pickles, midnight (semi-sweet bread), La Pechugona, Cuban carnival, among others.

6-La Playa Mexican Cafe

As its name suggests it specializes in Mexican food and seafood and is located in Harlingen. He has been the recipient of several awards and is known for his margaritas. Diners can enjoy the most common dishes in a Mexican restaurant like nachos, chalupas, quesadillas, chimichangas, taco, burritos, flautas, stuffed chiles, enchiladas and more.

7-Azuca New Latino

It is the first Latin restaurant in San Antonio. Features Latin recipes using traditional ingredients from South, Central, Caribbean, and Mexico, but adding his own style under the baton of its owner and chef, René Fernández.

Their menu includes Spanish sausages, black bean soup, tortilla soup, fish tacos, choripan, tamale, seafood curry, créme brûlée, among others. The Frommer guide has awarded it two stars.

If you want to know the most famous Hispanic Restaurants in the United States, be sure to visit our note HERE

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