How to open food trucks in New York


One of the most profitable businesses is food. If you want to start your own business in the United States, it is best to inform yourself how open food trucks and New York. In Hispanic Entrepreneurs We tell you everything you need to know to start one.

In New York, it is easier to start a traditional restaurant than a food truck. There are waiting lists to obtain the license to operate. This indicates that the market is strong and getting into the wave of their culinary offering is a good bet.

In addition, the competition is wide because the city has an offer of all kinds of food. Apart from Michelin star restaurants and options that can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. But you have to meet a variety of requirements just like having a food truck and Tennessee or in any other city.

How to open food trucks in New York

First of all you have to obtain the basic business license. Also register the business with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition to registering with the city and state to collect sales tax.

Also ask for the fictitious business name if you are going to work with one that is not the legal one and the fire safety certificate. At the same time you will have to ask for the street food vending license.

The business license costs between $ 100 and $ 120 depending on the county. The 280 food service establishment plus 25 if you make frozen desserts.

The mobile food vending license (MFV) is granted to a person who will prepare and serve them in a mobile unit. It is issued by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). Depending on what is going to be prepared, the requirements are imposed.

This license is a fundamental requirement to request the mobile food sales permit(inspection sticker). The applicant is obliged to do the process personally. You must register and pay for a food safety course at the time of filing.

There are two options for the license, the temporary one that is valid for 2 years that costs $ 50. As well as the full term that allows to operate from April 1 to October 31 of each calendar year ($ 10). For veterans it is free and if they are disabled they have preferential treatment.

Among the requirements they demand is to have a commissary to disinfect the car. Pass the safety course, have the certificate of authority from the state of New York to collect sales taxes. Have an identification card issued by the Government, pass the health inspection, prove your address. And also give a social security number or tax identification.

The same Department of Health clarifies that there is a waiting list to request the Permit of Mobile Unit. The New York City Department of Health will issue 445 additional permits each year under the new law. This will be from July 2022 for 10 years.

Rest of the process to open food trucks in New York

When you are notified that you are already at the top of the waiting list, you must submit the rest of the requirements. You must send the application to the Licensing Center of the Department of Consumer Affairs to obtain the Mobile Unit Permit.

Also, you must call the Health Department to schedule the inspection of the truck. This permit is also valid for two years. You have to cancel the $ 200 permit fee. It can be spent on permits and licenses up to $ 28,276 according to Food Truck Nation.

Tips for Passing the Inspection

Keep the truck clean and in good condition. Refrigerators have to meet the minimum standards, which are generally 40 degrees Fahrenheit. All equipment must function perfectly and comply with current covid-19 regulations.

Set up a water tank that holds at least 40 gallons. A sewage tank that has 15% more liquid than drinking water. Divide the cabin and the food preparation area. Install equipment for liquid and solid waste disposal and food storage.

If you prepare the food in the food truck you can have 2 propane tanks of up to 100 pounds. Trucks selling ice cream must have a stop sign and warning alarms.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that food trucks are subject to New York State Motor Vehicle Laws. So check the approved sizes for this type of vehicle in the state and take out insurance.

While you are waiting for approval you have the option to request a restricted permit (can move). This authorizes you to sell in certain parks and housing developments. This was done by Liliana Velásquez, who has a Venezuelan food truck in upper Manhattan and who lived through the vicissitudes of the process. In the beginning, his truck was closed for not complying with the rules, reported

But he affirmed that he did not give up and recorded everything that the Department of Health requires and passed the inspection. He has been working in Manhattan for 13 years and has trucks in Elmhurst and the Lower East Side.   

Although each one has their preferences, specialized pages consider that among the best food trucks in New York is Souvlaki GR. This Greek food. Also Korilla BBQ of South Korean dishes, Wafels and Dinges, Go Burger, Carpe Donut, Calexico (Mexican food), among others.

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