How to open a food truck in Kentucky

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs Jun 16, 2023

You know how to open a food truck in kentucky? Find out in Hispanic Entrepreneurs what are the steps to start a business in this industry. Pay close attention because it is important to comply with all legal requirements.

Keep in mind that these establishments are not authorized to provide catering services unless you have a permit to do so. Vehicles have to be cleaned and serviced every day that they work. 

They are required to pay an annual fee ($200) and menu items must be pre-approved. Likewise, the truck cannot remain in one place for more than 14 days, nor can it return to this area for a month. But what else does it take to start a food truck in Kentucky? Keep reading.

How open a food truck in Kentucky

1-Make a business plan

Running a restaurant requires planning and consistency, so it's essential to develop a business plan before opening your doors. It must include a summary of the company, market analysis, commercial offer, operation and management plan, marketing strategy, financial analysis, etc. 

But before doing all this you have to decide what you want the food truck to be, what public it will serve, where it will work, among other aspects. 

2-Define the service style and food concept

These two elements can be based on your preferences and experience, but also the geographic region and market opportunities. In the style of service there are several options: fast food, casual food (combination of fast food and full meals and exclusive food.

While in the concept you have the possibility to choose between family style, ethnic, vegan, organic or roast, you can even combine them.

3- Choose the name and legal structure

Choose the name and verify that it is not being used by another business. Then you choose a business structure, usually people gravitate towards a Limited Liability Company (LLC). But there are also sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.

Obtain the Employer Identification Number (EIN), register the company with the Kentucky Secretary of State. Afterwards, she registers it with the State and City Revenue Commission. 

4-Request licenses and permits

It is necessary to apply to the city or county for a business license and a valid driver's license. To do this you must obtain the food manager certificate, adapt the truck (plumbing and wastewater) and pass the inspection of the local health department.

En Louisville to operate a food truck you must meet the requirements of the Department of Health and Welfare. Fill out application form, submit 4 copies of floor plans, and comply with plumbing code. In this last step, it is key to cover what is required in relation to sinks, tanks and water heaters, this must be approved after an inspection. Likewise, an appointment is set for an opening inspection carried out by an environmental health specialist who issues the green decal. 

For the inspector's visit, you must have a sink with 3 compartments, accessible sinks, hot and cold pressurized water and a waste tank. In addition, screens or curtains to prevent the entry of flies, a fire extinguisher, disinfectant and soap, chlorine, cleaning cloth, ammonia. As well as test strips, thermometers in refrigeration equipment, metal stem thermometer, hand soap, disposable towels and gloves. 

Hot dogs, sausages, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, processed and pre-packaged snacks cannot be served in state food trucks. Apart from flavored ice, snow cones, pre-packaged sandwiches, among others. Check the list of prohibited foods here: Likewise, a seller's permit must be obtained from the Department of Regulations and Codes to operate in Jefferson County. Also required is a commissar when preparing complex foods. The documentation must be presented in person at the aforementioned department. 

5-Present driving record and criminal record

Louisville requires a driving record from any state the owner has lived in within the last 5 years. As well as a criminal record from any state where he has resided in the last 10 years. 

In the same way, photos and dimensions of the truck must be delivered, authorization of the owners of the place where it will work.

6-Purchase an insurance

Like any business, food trucks have risks, so it is imperative to have commercial and vehicle liability insurance. The rates vary depending on the coverage, you can find them from 2.000 dollars.

7-Prepare to open the food truck

To inform potential customers where you will start the sale, use social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The truck itself is a traveling advertisement so it is essential to be careful about the design and the name. Another element to consider is the payment options, offer customers the best and fastest. With everything in order now you just have to impress the guests with your dishes.

Opening a food truck in Kentucky takes a lot of effort, if you need help contact us to guide you to establish your business. A careful and detailed preparation will be decisive to quickly comply with the established legal deadlines.

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