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How to buy on Amazon from Chile

How to buy on Amazon from Chile
How to buy on Amazon from Chile

Know how to buy on Amazon from Chile It will be very useful if you need a product that you cannot find in the country or supply your business. On Hispanic Entrepreneurs We give you a clear guide to the process.

The opportunity to buy on this platform has been a reality for some time. You can get items at a lower price than in Chilean stores. In addition, each time the delivery times are shorter.

How to buy on Amazon from Chile

There are two options to buy on Amazon from Chile. One of these is to do it through post boxes and the other from amazon.com This company has a program called AmazonGlobal through which it allows access to more than 10 million products. It has international shipping to 65 countries, a list that includes Chile.

Since 2018 it allows all its products to be purchased from Chilean soil with the payment of taxes and customs charges for shipments. You will be able to know what you can buy by entering the category "international products" on the website or from AmazonGlobal Eligible.

You will have access to electronic products, toys, clothing, home accessories, footwear, personal care items. In addition to jewelry and beauty products.

The first step to buy on Amazon from Chile is to create an account and place your personal data. They only ask for your name, email and password.

Then select the products you want to buy, but are available for the country using the International Shipping search option. Then review the characteristics of the article.

When you are sure what you are looking for, add it to the cart (Add To Cart) to follow up and calculate the costs. Remember that the prices are in dollars, but to verify them you can convert them into Chilean pesos using the tool called Amazon Currency Converter.

The final price is reflected in red, the shipping and deposit amount in gray. To complete the purchase, click on "Place your Order". In this step they will also ask you for the address to which you want it to be sent and confirm the payment method. Then you just have to wait for the order to arrive.

To pay, they request an international credit card, PayPal, credit, debit or gift card enabled with dollars, virtual or prepaid credit card. You can also do it with Chilean pesos entering the currency converter (Currency Converter) and in cash through Amazon PayCode through Western Union. In this the exchange rate is higher than the official one.

With the PO box method, what is done is to send the product to an address in the United States, generally Miami, and from there they send the package to you.

Calculate shipping costs and taxes

Pay attention to shipping costs, calculate costs to verify that the investment is profitable. You can check it when you add the product to the shopping cart. The option to calculate shipping rates and fees with your address will appear.

When placing large orders you must take into account the individual price and the shipping time options, the standard that goes from 9 to 14 days and the courier that is fulfilled between 7 and 11 days. They also have the Amazon Global from 2 to 4 days.

If you have Amazon Prime, you have the advantage of being a special customer with free shipping, what does this mean? Because they ship you in 48 hours or less, it makes it the perfect alternative for frequent buyers. You can do a free trial for a month, and the subscription is paid annually if you hire the service.

The company ships free to Chile when you buy one or more "eligible" products in an order over $ 49. If you enter the line, the order will be preselected at checkout.

You can search for them as “FREE Shipping to Chile” or “FREE Shipping to Chile when you spend more than $49 on select items.” In this case, the delivery time will be determined by the availability of the products and the delivery address.

But it charges 100% customs taxes on purchases of $ 30 or more, but takes care of all the paperwork. Another important point is that you review the comments of the clients, this will allow you to know the experience of others. Take advantage of all the advantages that this platform gives, remember that Amazon promotes Hispanic brands. So it has become a great ally for business on that side of the world.

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