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How to start a laundry business in Chile

How to start a laundry business in Chile
How to start a laundry business in Chile

En Hispanic Entrepreneurs we detail how to start a laundry business in Chile. From the choice of services, location, necessary equipment, among other elements. It is an industry that is in demand, so it is profitable. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Why invest in a clothes laundry?

The demand for laundry services has grown in recent years. Users range from people who don't have a washing machine at home to travelers who need to wash their clothes.

According to the We Are Jeff franchise, the industry moves 181.4 billion dollars in the world, which makes its profitability clear.

Many people opt for a laundry service, either on demand or self-service, rather than washing at home. This makes them repeat customers. In addition, although at the beginning you have to invest in equipment, it recovers quickly.

Who are the potential customers of a laundry?

To set up any business you have to define who the target customer is. In this case, we will tell you who are some of the users who use this service more frequently:

  • Middle-aged men who live alone, who do not have the equipment at home or do not have time to do it.
  • Young singles who have no washing machine or no interest in doing this work.
  • Housewives who resort to a laundry in specific situations such as laundry at home.
  • Young or foreign families who prefer to go to a laundry business to save on services.
  • People who wear suits and dresses frequently and these require a special wash.

What customers expect from a laundry is professional service; that they give the appropriate treatment to the garments and take care of the materials; that take care of the colors. Also that they offer ironing service and deliver the clothes as new. Lastly, they hope to save time and money.

How to start a laundry business in Chile

Here we give you a quick guide so that you understand what you need to set up a laundry.

Choose the business model of a laundry

To start, choose the business model in which you want to invest. The alternatives are as follows:

  • Self-service: customers are responsible for washing their clothes themselves in the business washing machines.
  • On request: in this case they take their clothes for other people to wash.
  • Rental of washing machines at home: customers will pay to have the washing machines at home for a specified time.

Here you should also evaluate if you are going to start the business on your own or if you prefer invest in a franchise.

Create the laundry business plan

Having a business plan is essential for any business. At this point you must do a SWOT analysis to understand where your company is and its relationship with the market.

Within the plan you also include the strategies that you will apply to differentiate yourself, the promotion, the costs, etc.

You must also detail what are the services you will offer. For example, collection and delivery of clothes at home, free Wi-Fi, waiting room, dry cleaning, among others.

The budget you need to buy the equipment and supplies that the business requires. You can use credits to acquire them or through government programs. In other markets, such as the United States, you will also find resources for entrepreneurs to which you can go.

Choose a location

The size of the appropriate premises will depend on the model you are going to choose, the services and the amount of equipment.

For example, in a self-service laundry you should have room for equipment, a waiting room and an ironing table. In the case of one per order, the customer service area may be small, but you will need enough space in the service area, including an area for storing clothes.

Another condition that the premises must comply with is electrical capacity for the equipment to work and have the appropriate facilities.

Regarding the location, it must be a busy place, which is in view of passers-by and it is preferable that there are no competitors nearby.

Comply with documentation and requirements

Catch up with the requirements to open a laundry. You will have to register the business to make it legal, in addition to acquiring the permits and the commercial patent.

Find out if you must meet special requirements like environmental permits, have water tanks, or something else.

Supplies and equipment

You must buy the necessary equipment, these include industrial washers and dryers; dry washing machine, and iron. This investment is made only once, although over time they will need maintenance.

As for the supplies, the minimum you need is detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, baskets, hangers, among others. Unlike teams, these will be a recurring expense.

In addition to knowing how to start a laundry business in Chile, plan a good promotional strategy to make it known and attract customers.

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