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POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs September 20, 2020
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Being able to carry out several procedures with a single password is a great advantage and in Chile it is possible. Learn how to get the unique key, a record that is essential to do online state procedures. In Hispanic Entrepreneurs Chile, we detail the requirements and what you can use it for.

What is the unique key?

To carry out certain procedures before the State and obtain social benefits, it is necessary to have a unique key that is obtained in the civil registry and with which you access different services. But what is it and how is it processed? The Unique Key is a system registration that grants a password to each user, which is used as a virtual identity card. With this password you can access all State services. It is a convenient system because you only need the RUN and the password to carry out these procedures. It is also safe because at the time of request the Unique Key the user's identity is verified. This is necessary because the procedures to which it gives access are personal and can only be carried out by the owner. Anyone over 14 years of age can obtain their password. Here we explain how to obtain the unique password and where you can do it. Likewise, we summarize the procedures you can do once you have the password.

Where can you get the Unique Key?

To get the Unique Key you must first obtain the activation code. This request is made at the Civil Registry and Chile Atiende. As we mentioned above, by attending in person the identity of the applicant is verified because the registration is non-transferable. For this reason, until recently the only way to access the code was in person. However, due to the pandemic, the electronic system was also enabled, although some requirements apply to do it this way.

How to obtain the Unique Key

Although it is an essential requirement at this time to carry out procedures, there are still people who do not know what to do to obtain their unique password. The traditional way is to obtain the unique key in the Civil Registry. This involves traveling to the authorized offices.
To carry out any procedure, keep in mind that some offices may be working partially due to the pandemic. Check which ones are attending and the hours.
The steps to follow to obtain your unique virtual identity are the following:
  • Go to the corresponding office with your valid identity card.
  • Request the activation code for the Unique Key.
  • You must provide a valid email. It will serve you later in case you need to recover the password.
  • Now with the activation code, enter the website and go to the "Activate Unique Key" option.
  • The system will ask you for the RUN and the activation code.
  • When entering, follow the steps indicated by the system to define the password.

Online application

Recently you can also obtain the Unique Key through the Internet. However, there is a requirement: people who are going to apply this way must have processed the identity card in the last four years. The process they must follow is simple:
  • Go to the Civil Registry website and click on the "Recover Unique Code" option.
  • Then enter the RUT when the system prompts you. At that time an email will be sent to your email with the activation code.
  • Enter the link that contains the email and enter the code. From there, follow the system steps to define the password for the Unique Key.

What is the Unique Key for?

This password is personal and non-transferable and is used for procedures before State institutions. You just have to remember this password to access any of the services, which makes it easier and saves you time. During quarantine it is used to obtain travel permits. In addition, it allows you to enter the Social Protection web portal, through which you can access most state contributions. In this service you can also stay up to date on all the actions that are being taken to deal with the coronavirus. Regarding what procedures are carried out with the Unique Code we can mention the following:
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  • Criminal record certificates.
  • Vehicle registration.
  • Driver's resume.
  • Disability certificate.
  • Cessation of coexistence.
  • Child bonus.
  • Applications for rental subsidies, housing for the middle class and also individually.
  • It is also used to apply for the subsidy for young workers.
  • Processing of basic pensions for old age and disability.
  • Request the proof for the IPS income statement, among others.
These are some of the procedures that can be carried out once you know how to obtain the Unique Key. If you don't have it yet, you already know how to request it.


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