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How to lose your fear of the camera

How to lose your fear of the camera
How to lose your fear of the camera

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Stage fright is a normal reaction that appears when we carry out an activity in front of the public such as singing, speaking or acting and it also appears when we have to appear in the media. That is why in Hispanos Emprendedores through the talk on how to lose your fear of the camera we give you several tips to combat it.

Professor, audiovisualist, television producer and broadcaster Alfredo Calzadilla explained that beyond being afraid of the camera, the important thing is to identify what we are really afraid of, “sometimes what we are afraid of is the situation, the camera is a receiver".

He points out that most of the time one of these situations is that we have, "a feeling that you have to be serious and that everything has to be perfect," and we set very high standards, which are sometimes unrealistic and we think a lot in the evaluation that is going to be done of what is recorded. It can be an internal, context or technical fear ”.

Preparation above all

The important thing is to assume the learning curve, "as you do it, you see yourself, analyze, you see what you did well or what you did not like, and you improve."

Calzadilla was emphatic in stating that to overcome the fear of the camera you have to prepare, define why you are doing it, why what to record, with whom you are going to share it, what benefit it is going to give you and what you are going to achieve with that, "then Prepare yourself, if you are going to present a project you have to soak up it, you have to find out, see what you have to say, what is the key message that the investor accepts, present the client who is going to get ”.

He advises making a script, “it is not just turning on the camera and recording”, but he stressed that it does not refer to writing everything and doing it verbatim, but having a kind of mental map about what you are going to say, “it is better if you think about it , structures and defines it ”.

If you want to go deeper into the subject, go to our YouTube channel where you will find the full video of the talk.

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