How to get a business license in Clarksville

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs October 09, 2020
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En Hispanic Entrepreneurs We give you the Information so that you can leave the doubt about how to get a business license in Clarksville, Tennessee. In addition, we provide you with a business license checklist so you can check the offices where you must register the business.

Do I need a business license for my business?

The law states that all businesses that will operate in Clarksville need a business license. Once you have this document in hand, the company can collect the corresponding taxes on goods and services.

Only those businesses with earnings of less than $ 3.000 per year are exempt from having a business license. There are two types of licenses depending on the income of the company:

It should be noted that not only should register a business license in Clarksville TNYou must also obtain one at the county and state level of Tennessee.

Starting to operate without the corresponding business license involves fines. Therefore, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements before activating the business.

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How to get a business license in Clarksville

To start your business you must obtain the corresponding commercial license. As we mentioned, you need to do it locally, in the county and in the state. Also, if you have a business with multiple locations, each one must have a business license.

Registration at the local level is done before the city ​​of clarksville and it can be done in person or by mail. To do the procedure for the first time, a fee of $ 15 must be paid.

Each year the business license must be renewed. In the case of those with minimum activity, the fee of $ 15 is paid again. But the standard licenses have no charge; however, business taxes must be paid to the Tennessee Department of Revenue in order to renew. This procedure is done through the electronic system.

After taxes are filed, the City's Business Tax Office will mail the new license.

To be licensed in the state you must register the business with the Tennessee Department of Revenue. You can do it through the web Or you can send the application along with the requirements to the offices at the following address:

Tennessee Department of Revenue

Andrew Jackson State Office Building,

500 Deaderick Street.

Nashville Tn, 37242

Among the responsibilities of your business when obtaining the license is to pay the tax on your gross income for the fiscal year.

In addition, the Tennessee Department of Revenue must be notified if there is any change in business owners, location or classification.

What happens if the business closes or changes owners?

Aside from knowing how to get the business license in Clarksville, you should also be clear about what to do if the business closes:

  1. File a final return and tax payment with the Tennessee Department of Revenue, within 15 days of the sale or closing date.
  2. Notify the Montgomery County Property Assessor at (931) -648-5709 to let them know the business is closed.
  3. Pay for your personal property at the City of Clarksville Finance office at (931) -648-7435.

In the event of a change of ownership, the procedure is the next:

  1. The current owner must file a final statement with the Tennessee Department of Revenue.
  2. The new owner must apply for a license in your name. If the business is a partnership and you want to remove the name of a partner, that person must sign the final statement TCA 67-4-721. You have obligations to the successor business owner regarding the former owner's liability for taxes, interest, and penalties. The new business owner should read TCA 67-4-721 in its entirety.

Check list

Contact the following agencies to see if you need to register at their office:

If you have questions about how to obtain a business license in Clarksville, each office has complete information on its website. For advice to your business, contact us.