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How to take advantage of your purchases in Alibaba?

How to take advantage of your purchases in Alibaba?
How to take advantage of your purchases in Alibaba?

Are you looking for suppliers for your new business? If this is the case and you have set your sights on Asia, here we bring you a series of tips so that you know How to get the most out of your Alibaba purchases. This portal brings together thousands of sellers, especially from Asia, who offer their products at competitive prices, so you should consider it among your options.

En Alibaba.com you find millions of products and many businesses around the world prefer to buy here because it is cheaper than other options. Among other reasons, this is because most of the suppliers are Asian and manufacturing costs are cheaper.

In addition, in the same place you will find different providers with whom you can communicate before deciding on one of them.

As in any online shopping site there are certain risks that you should be careful of. For example, from resellers who make you think they are manufacturers, or even from scammers. Regarding the latter, the platform has already taken measures to prevent them from continuing with their illegal activities, but it is recommended that you be aware of any warning signs.

Do you want to start Find Suppliers on Alibaba? So, keep in mind the advice that we give you below, so that you are satisfied with your purchases.

How to take advantage of your purchases in Alibaba?

When you go to buy on Alibaba.com to supply your business, investigate well what you buy and from which supplier. Avoid making decisions lightly because they can make you lose money.

Alibaba is a marketplace with a B2B model (Business to Business). The platform is easy to navigate and provides valuable information on both products and vendors so you can make an informed decision.

 Analyze product information

Some of the information that appears on product pages includes unit price, minimum order quantity, and payment methods. Regarding the latter, it should be noted that it does not always appear and it is likely that you will have to ask the seller the options that he handles.

Regarding the price and the minimum quantity per order, these are two of the data that you are interested in analyzing. To find the cost of the order, multiply the unit price by the minimum quantity of the product. You must also take into account the cost of shipping if you must assume it as a buyer.

Be wary of very low prices

One of the most popular fraud methods is to greatly reduce the price of a product to attract unsuspecting buyers.

If you come across prices that seem too good to be true, it may be a scam. In that case you can investigate the provider, but it is best to discard it and go to the next option.

Request a sample of the products

There are vendors on Alibaba who agree to send product samples to sellers who are interested. When you contact the seller ask if they can send a sample.

In some cases you have to pay a percentage and in others it is free, but it is worth taking this precaution. By getting a sample of the product you want to buy you can verify its quality. Doing this will certainly make you profit from your purchases on Alibaba.

Compare providers

Avoid always going for the first option, in Alibaba you have hundreds of options to choose from. Therefore, it is best to take the time to contact several sellers who have the products you are interested in.

Talk to each one about prices, payment methods, ask if they can negotiate the minimum purchase amount (in case you need it), etc. From that contact, in addition to the information they provide, analyze the response time of each one.

Besides, there are other aspects that you should take into account about each seller. For example, the seniority in Alibaba, if they are verified suppliers, if they offer guarantees and the qualification they have on the platform.

You can even take some time to research the company name outside of the marketplace and learn about its reputation.

Evaluate the amount of sales of the supplier

This point is related to the previous one, since it is part of the information that you are interested in knowing about the providers. Within the data available on the platform there are two of great interest: the number of completed transactions and the total amount of transactions. This will help you check if it is a company you can trust.

Ask about the production time of the product

The supplier's answer to this question is key to your business. You need to replenish merchandise and the production time will give you an estimate of the time you must wait for the new products to arrive.

These are the tips that we bring in Hispanic Entrepreneurs about how to get the most out of your purchases on Alibaba. Would you add any other recommendation to the list?

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