Tips for hosting meetings in Zoom

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs September 03, 2020
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Among the applications that have become indispensable in recent months for small, medium and large companies, Zoom stands out. This video conferencing platform allows members of an organization to interact when it is not possible to do so in person. Today in Hispanic Entrepreneurs we will give you some tips for hosting meetings in Zoom.

How to host a meeting in Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that, although it was already known before the coronavirus outbreak, has become very popular since the pandemic began. It can have up to 300 million meeting participants per day. It allows unlimited individual meetings and group video conferences of up to 100 people and 40 minutes in the free plan. It also has different payment plans; The largest is Enterprise, which includes 500 participants and with Enterprise Plus it can reach 1.000. organize your meeting in Zoom You must enter the website and register with your email. Check the email to activate the account and it will then send you to a screen to complete your information. Through your host account you can organize meetings by entering the section that has that name. Then press the Schedule a new meeting button. You add the topic, description, date, time and description. Complete the configuration by generating an ID and password for the meeting. In addition, the platform allows you to configure audio and video options. To finish, click the Save button and that's it. Access the scheduled meeting data to obtain the address of the site. Through this the people you invite to participate will join. You can start the meeting at any time, to do this you will have to download a client on the computer with which you will connect to the video call.
Video conferencing is useful for keep your company active and survive the coronavirus crisis.

Tips for hosting meetings in Zoom

Hosting a successful video conference involves much more than knowing how to schedule the meeting. You must know the application well, know what you can do and how to improve your experience and that of the participants.


For example, you can activate and deactivate the camera by default so that the rest of the participants can see where you are. If you need to appear in video, you have the option of changing the wallpaper by selecting the virtual background you want to show. In addition, for improve Zoom calls You can use a filter to tweak your appearance. As for audio, you can also set it by default. Zoom also has an option to eliminate background noise to improve the audio during the call. There are several levels of suppression, for a business meeting it is best to use the highest one. During a meeting you may need to turn the microphone on and off. You can do this using the space bar. It's a quick and easy way to do it. As a host you can enable the option to record calls. This way, participants can save the meeting on their computer or in the cloud. This last option is only for paying subscribers. For business meetings it will also be useful to learn how to share the screen. This will allow you to show participants what you see on your computer: it is necessary if, for example, you have to show reports or graphs. Other tips for organizing Zoom meetings that will help your business are:
  • Set up recurring meetings if you need to schedule similar conferences.
  • Zoom can transcribe the audios and the hosts can edit them.
  • Hide participants who are not using videos to improve the view on your screen.
  • Learn the Zoom keyboard shortcuts to change settings easily.

Zoom safety tips

One of Zoom's weak points for which it received criticism was the level of security. Even the CEO of the company stated a few months ago that the increase in participants was unexpected. And when the application was created, they did not foresee the challenges that arose at that time. But, from then on, more work began on security within the application. The first recommendation for users is to update the video calling software. In the latest version, errors that had occurred on a recurring basis were corrected. So with the latest update it is now easier to avoid UNC attacks, prevent unauthorized access to cameras and microphones, and prevent any user from manipulating the system to increase their privileges. A recurring problem is the zoom-bombing which consists of the unauthorized entry of people into videoconferences. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use the waiting room function, this way you select the participants who can enter the videoconference. Another action the company took was to remove the meeting ID that appeared in the title bar. Other actions depend on users, such as familiarizing themselves with the security features. Additionally, both hosts and users should avoid sharing information about the meeting with outsiders. Follow these tips to organize meetings on Zoom and improve everyone's experience through this application.