What are the most profitable online businesses in Chile


The combination between the pandemic and the strength of the Chilean economy has given rise to the growth of e-commerce or online stores. The numbers confirm that you can start a business in the country, but that is when doubts arise. Is the moment when Hispanic Entrepreneurs pops up to help you see which are the most profitable online businesses in Chile.

Open your company with Biplan.cl

Open your company with Biplan.cl

Data to take into account

Chile's high bankarization rate makes the market suitable for developing online businesses. Since, most of the citizens who surf the Internet have a credit or debit card which leads them to make frequent purchases online.

Also, remember that having your own online business will make you earn more money, work according to your schedule and do it from home. So you can spend more time on other things.

What are the most profitable online businesses in Chile

Chileans have bought a bit of everything online in recent years, with health and wellness items leading the way. But what other online business is profitable in Chile?

Here we mention some that are at the top of the local taste.

1-Healthy food

The food industry is one of the most benefited by the pandemic and quarantine. Especially if they are healthy food and with home delivery due to the mobility restrictions imposed by the authorities.

With the theme of the virus and the fashion of healthy diet, a niche was opened that remains growing, which makes it one of the most profitable online businesses. People continue to bet on healthy, organic foods that have a captive audience such as athletes and people with health problems such as diabetics. Currently it has great acceptance and still low competition.

A key point in this option is that the raw material is assured by local production, so you have everything at hand.

2-Sporting goods for the house

Due to the increase in sedentary lifestyle due to the current situation, many have chosen to install a mini gym in their homes because they cannot go to one of the centers to train. Chileans seek to be fit and active at this stage.

For these reasons, the sale of treadmills, multi-force machines, weights, training bands, among others, has increased.

One of the advantages of this business is the availability of merchandise that the country has due to its privileged geographical location. Merchandise of this type often arrives from Asia and at lower costs than in other countries in the region.

3-Creative industry

With the help of the government, what has to do with business and service has been promoted. Designers, photographers, writers, art gallery experts, educational psychologists, business advisors and coaches of all kinds enter this world.

If you have experience in any of these areas or it is your favorite hobby, offer your service on the Internet and monetize it.

4-Health and well-being

Again the pandemic enters the scene. With its appearance, the need grew to provide ourselves with certain health items such as masks, hydroalcoholic gel, gloves. etc. As well as vitamin supplements and other natural products that help us to strengthen the immune system, which is the one that attacks covid-19.

If you are attracted to this kind of products that are sold the most note that many are regulated and require licenses to be sold.

5-Office furniture

With the growth of teleworking, the purchase of office furniture also increased. The workers have migrated to their homes and must adapt a space to carry out their daily tasks. The most sought after are chairs, desk, laptop, etc.

You can offer packs that have everything they need to set up a home office without having to jump from store to store. Thus raising the level of service.

6-Baby Products

The baby birth boom since 2020 has turned this niche into one of the business opportunities current. The storks have not stopped working on the pandemic and this must be taken advantage of. It offers from bottles, pacifiers, cribs, bassinets to food formulas with delivery service.

Parents appreciate that they can care for their baby without having to worry about leaving the house to buy items and supplies for the baby.

7-Pet supplies

The vast majority of Chileans have pets and they need to feed, get vaccinated, deworm, have hygiene products, etc. But with the quarantine, the best solution for their owners has been to opt for online stores, so they have turned their attention to them.

Join the offer and offer personalized attention to the other members of the family.

8-A food truck

It is still a good bet to install a food truck. Those who have dared point out that it is profitable. The secret is to offer something that others do not have to differentiate yourself and be successful supported by a good marketing plan. In addition to an attractive menu.

9-Gas and electricity services

Someone will always be required to repair the gas or electricity in the home or business. Take advantage of the fact that as people spend more time at home, they are more willing to solve these problems.

It is a good plan to undertake in this area by offering the service online to make it easier for them to find you. It is well paid, and many such jobs are often found despite high competition.

10-Hairdresser at home

Even though we are in a health crisis, people insist on looking good And before the danger of congregating in a beauty salon it is a good idea to undertake a home hairdressing.

It makes it easy for the client to schedule the time in which they want to be attended and gives you the opportunity to show that your work is impeccable anywhere. What increases your reputation. This type of service is well paid. You can segment your service to a specific commune.

It makes it easy for the client to schedule the time in which they want to be attended and gives you the opportunity to show that your work is impeccable anywhere. What increases your reputation. This type of service is well paid. You can segment your service to a specific commune.

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