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What are the products that are sold the most in Chile

What are the products that are sold the most in Chile
What are the products that are sold the most in Chile

Keeping up with market trends is one of the keys to making your online or physical store profitable. In Hispanic Entrepreneurs we talk about which are the products that are sold the most in Chile. Review our list and learn how to choose the ones you will have in your business.

Variable trends

If there is one thing that the last few months made clear to us, it is that consumer priorities change. From one moment to the next the pandemic altered our lives and, of course, our lives.

Although this is a drastic case, the truth is that the market is always changing and what interests some today, perhaps us tomorrow. That is why it is essential to keep abreast of what is happening between our customers, what the competition does and the items that are sold the most in our store.

This will give us an idea of ​​what is happening and help us make profitable decisions for our business.

What to sell in Chile: choosing the products

You want to open a store or you are reorganizing the one you already have. For this there are a series of important decisions that you must make. For example, if it is an e-commerce you have to choose the best platform to sell online.

Another key decision is what items or services you will include in your sales catalog. To do this, doing a market study will allow you to know what the needs of your target customer are, as well as what to offer to solve it.

Products must be of value to customers. If you already have a store, look at which items work best and look for others that are complementary. In this process, it will also help you to know what the suppliers and the competition sell the most.

If you have an idea of ​​what you are going to sell, there are ways to validate the business and find out if potential customers are interested. Take surveys and ask for their opinion on the products.

Some considerations you must have when choosing the products to sell are:

  1. Choose the market niche and the type of client, so you will have an idea of ​​the size of the market.
  2. Identify what is the target customer pain point that your product can solve. Present the proposal to them.
  3. Choose what the sales channel will be, if you will have a physical or online store.
  4. Define what your strategy will be. This means setting prices, payment methods, etc.
  5. Study the competition; not just to find out about your products, but to understand how you approach your audience.
  6. Promote your product, for this you can combine digital marketing with the traditional one. Include your store in business directories to make it easier to locate.

What are the products that are sold the most in Chile

Throughout 2020 the sales trends were very changeable due to the pandemic and quarantines.

The last months, however, have been more stable, although it can be said that they varied with respect to the previous year. Especially if we refer to products that are sold the most online in Chile.

Online sales had an important rebound because it was a safe way to buy. And in the future this habit is likely to continue as consumers trust this system more than before.

In this sense, we find that food is the product that is sold the most on the internet at this time, according to the INE's Family Budget Survey.

In addition, there was also a rebound in the sale of sporting goods and physical conditioning. This is because many people have a need to exercise at home. Some of the most popular products are exercise bikes, elastic bands, yoga mats, treadmills, among others.

Along with these two items we also find technological products; especially those aimed at entertainment. Consoles, video games, smartphones, wireless devices and devices with bluetooth technology, smart watches, etc.

More options to sell

Office supplies and furniture are also an alternative to products to sell in Chile. With the rise of telecommuting, having a workspace at home is essential. For this reason, the demand for desks, chairs, computer products, among others, has increased.

The sale of clothes and shoes, although it was stagnant for a time, is once again gaining importance. Toys for children, personal care products are other items most in demand.

Likewise, furniture, appliances and decorative items for the house are an interesting alternative.

On the other hand, pets also have an important place in the home. And in recent months, the sale of items for pets, including food and toys, has increased.

We hope we have solved your doubts about which are the products that are sold the most in Chile. Stay up-to-date with trends to get your business on track.

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