The AceleraLatam ALGEN7 program opens its call in October.

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs October 04, 2021
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AceleraLatam, is in the process of calling. You are looking for the 20 best startups in LATAM, regardless of the industry and business model, but who are facing challenges of growth, scalability and raising private capital. 

Since 2016 they are working with different local partners and today they also add to Startup México part of the SUM International network. 

The ALGEN program of AceleraLatam, in its seventh generation, is an acceleration program co-financed by CORFO, whose focus is to prepare startups for raising capital. During the 6 months of the program, the founders are worked on in the financial and commercial aspects of their financing strategy, a round is structured and a search is made.

The selected startups will progress through various training pillars and will work together with a team of consultants specialized in startup management and financing. During the program we will work on central aspects of a round, such as the valuation, budget, CAP table, exit strategy, termsheets, roadshow, data room and due dilgence. Everything is tailored to each startup and its stage of development.

During the process, linking with angels, scouters, investment analysts, and many founders is key. It is one of the most important lines of work in the program. 

Startups that wish to participate in the call can participate by completing a form on the AceleraLatam website. At the end, you can immediately schedule a pitch with one of our analysts and program consultant. This step is key to the process and in the team evaluation.