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This past year was full of moments and events: some good and others difficult, achievements and failures, joy and sadness, things that discourage us and others that strengthen us. But, as we enter a new year, we must be with renewed expectations. Because although God is the same yesterday, today and forever, God wants to do new things in our lives. For a time the people of Israel were not expecting new things from God. In their minds God was doing the same things or absolutely nothing and they were casting the God of the universe aside to surrender to the weight of the ordinary. Although God had done great things in the past, the Israelites were not expecting something new in their lives. This is the point we want to avoid in our lives, not having expectations of God.

At an unexpected moment God speaks to Israel: "Forget the things of yesteryear and no longer live in the past." He says, "I'm going to do something new!" When we live in the past and are not looking forward to the future, we are caught in a time that is not what God has for us. We have to understand that God is a God of the present, God's time is the correct time. There is a term that describes God as Omnipresent, it means that for God, the past is as clear as now and the future is not a surprise. It means that God is always operating in the now.

God tells us “Can't you see what I'm doing? And it is that many are not seeing because we are looking at other things that will not help us to be productive or achieve the goals that we set before ourselves. The question is what are we focused on? Who are we depending on? We have to depend on someone who never changes, that the past does not define him, the present does not move him and the future does not surprise him. We must trust the one who has a plan for your life and is faithful in his promise. No matter what difficulties arise, God is faithful.

This year let's put our expectations on God. Let us depend on the God who was and always will be. Let's look for his face so that we can contemplate his greatness. Jesus Christ is the way to God and we can confidently reach Him through His Son. Let's enter this new year with a grateful heart and an expectant mind. Waiting for God's faithfulness for those who want to know Him. I invite you to meet him: John 3: 16-17.

In the love of God,

Pastor Jose Vazquez - Conversion Church - Mat. 28


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