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Get to know the Latino Student Help Center | Edition 22


In our interview to the Latino Community Resource Center (LCRC) of Austin Peay University, we rescued the strategy of getting “Emissaries” which are people sent to a place to give a message, this is the work of Hispanos Emprendedores, to be messengers of what happens in our Hispanic and working community, that this year 2023 is full of emissaries for your business and that you are also a link of union with other entrepreneurial companies, support is necessary to persevere on this path.

All our editions this year show stories of women, families and young people who despite the difficulties with perseverance achieved their goals, but always with a support network, let’s be part of that network as emissaries to help small and medium business, we wish you prosper every day more in this new year 2023 and may God bless you.

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