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Online business ideas during quarantine

Online business ideas during quarantine
Online business ideas during quarantine

The pandemic has had a great impact on our lives, altering our habits and interests from one day to the next. Also the way of working and generating income; before this, in Hispanic Entrepreneurs we bring some online business ideas during quarantine. This time is ideal to create opportunities adjusted to the demands that have arisen in recent months.

Time to adapt

The keyword to face the current moment as entrepreneurs to innovate. The changes have been profound and we must adapt, find the opportunities that have arisen in the midst of the pandemic to diversify or generate new income.

There are businesses looking to reinvent themselves to survive, just as there are people who - faced with the need to spend more time at home - manage new ideas to undertake. And it's not just about facing this moment, but about thinking about what will happen next, when the pandemic has passed.

Undoubtedly, much of these new habits will remain in the post-coronavirus era. So if you decide to take the step now you will have how to face that moment.

Assess market needs to find profitable business opportunities. In addition, with the advantage that you can do it from home, taking advantage of the tools you have.


Online business increase

The Internet offers an opportunity to do business online at a time when purchases through digital channels have increased. But we can not only talk about shopping, but there are other needs that are supplied in this way, such as entertainment and education.

For existing and emerging companies it is time to draw up sales strategies that include the Internet. Digitization should not be made to wait because consumers are no longer only investigating through the network, but are also completing transactions. As entrepreneurs you have to know how to take advantage of it.

Digitizing your business will make it more visible and competitive. Plus, it allows you to reach more potential customers. If your goal is to undertake, you should consider doing it online

Online business ideas during quarantine

Given the current circumstances, many new businesses have been born and others that already existed are finding the opportunity to survive on the internet. At Hispanos Emprendedores we offer you these business ideas that you can consider for your next company.


Online or e-commerce stores are perhaps the first alternative we think of when talking about business on the internet. And, indeed, they are one of the winners during the pandemic. By staying at home longer, consumers take advantage of this avenue to buy what they need.

At the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the products in greatest demand were food, hygiene products and medicines. Later others were added such as sports items to exercise at home, home furnishings, technology products, sex toys, clothing, etc.

Services as a freelancer

On the Internet there are various platforms where you can offer services as a freelancer. Through these sites you can connect with clients who require professional service and discuss the conditions of the project.

A very wide range of professionals can resort to this type of work and start as a freelancer.

It is a business opportunity that you can take advantage of even if you just want to generate extra income. You can do them from home and with the resources you have at hand.

There are platforms specialized in one type of service, writing and editing, for example. Others, like Fiverr, bring together professionals in different areas.

Educational products

Home schooling is one of the areas that has gained momentum since the start of the pandemic. This creates increased demand for new educational tools and products to assist in this work.

Didactic material, multimedia, forums and meeting platforms for teachers and students, image banks, illustrations, etc. These are some of the resources you can create to make available to students.

Virtual tutorials for children

In this same sense, virtual tutorials also emerge as a complement to children's education. It is a way to help them in their training and also to keep them busy while they spend more time at home.

Not only tutorials related to school subjects can be given, but also extracurricular activities. For example, teaching to play an instrument, a new language, physical training, among others.

Content generator

With more people undertaking and businesses that are born on the internet, the demand for this type of service grows. These are professionals who know about digital marketing and generate content for social networks and other online platforms.

These serve as support to give visibility to businesses and bring companies closer to their customers. This is another home-based business you can start during this crisis that will be effective even after the pandemic.

Consider these quarantine online business ideas for your next startup. If you need help to shape your business, contact us.

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