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Business ideas to enter the gaming industry

Business ideas to enter the gaming industry
Business ideas to enter the gaming industry

Video games represent one of the most used entertainment alternatives in recent years, a fact that was strengthened by the pandemic. Interactivity and competitiveness make them attractive to young people, making it a lucrative niche. Faced with this phenomenon Hispanic Entrepreneurs has made a list of business ideas to enter the gaming industry to encourage you to undertake.

Business ideas to enter the gaming industry

The company Newzoo indicated that by 2023 the number of players will exceed three billion. This year the Middle East and Africa will exceed the amount that Europe groups together. While Asia and the Pacific will grow 55% next year, this is its biggest market by revenue.

As you will see, this industry has become essential in the digital economy. In 2020, it had a value of 159.000 million dollars according to the Global Games Market Report. With this he surpassed the film and music industry.

It was also an important part of coping with the pandemic, so much so that the World Health Organization recommended active video games to exercise in confinement.

In the United States alone, it employed more than 120.000.000 people in 2020, generating 90.000 a year for each one. A variety of actors are involved in the gaming business, ranging from investors, economic and legal advisors and intellectual property. As well as copyright, among others. Without a doubt, the sector is experiencing exponential growth that will not stop soon. For this and more we know that we must talk about the Business ideas to enter the gamer industry.

If you are passionate about video games, then consider monetizing this activity. There are different business opportunities to enter the gaming industry that you should consider. But if you are not one of those who play there are also options for you.

Businesses for the gaming industry

1-Content creator

Based on your experience, you can create a blog, a YouTube channel, use Instagram or Facebook to publicize creative, valuable and specialized material. This will allow you to build a community that will earn you money. It offers reviews, opinion, guides, tutorials, reviews and news.

This requires patience, since to make a profit you need to have a large number of followers. But it's worth a try.

2-Sell used games and consoles

Believe it or not there is a huge market for this. The first step is to sell video games online, the ones you no longer use. He then invests by buying others to resell them for a profit. Offer them online through eBay or at a stall at fairs or markets. Then you could even launch your web page or your physical store.

Rare games, consoles and accessories generate more interest and profits. Look for merchandise at thrift stores. In addition, it provides a service for customers who order specific items.

Another branch that must be exploited is that of rent. Rent equipment, controllers, chairs and headphones. Charge per usage or a monthly fee. There are still many more business ideas to enter the gaming industry so keep reading.

3- Streamer

Another way to break into the gaming industry is to use your skill and ability to entertain the audience through YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. Play and comment on the latest video games or your favorites in real time.

4- Professional player

According to your experience, choose to participate in eSports that distribute great prizes to the winners. They are tournaments organized by countries and those who qualify attend international championships in which they deliver a significant amount of dollars.

5- Illustrator and designer

Designers and illustrators will always be needed to make video game animations. Designing the characters will give you a source of income. This ability can be exported to any market on the planet, take advantage of it.

6-Event organizer

Gamers like to participate in meetings with colleagues. A business opportunity is to be an organizer of this type of meetings or tournaments online. These move a large number of people and money.

Define times, values, scores, and problem-solving rules so you can start structuring problems. Profits are generally made from registrations and ticket sales.

7-Console repair or modification shop

Take advantage of the players' need to recover their equipment with large or small repairs. Also with custom modifications. Do it at home to avoid spending on premises, when you consolidate look to open a store in a suitable place. You only have to worry that the modifications are safe and legal. We continue with the Business ideas to enter the gamer industry.

8-Video game room

Set up a room to bring together customers willing to pay for a place where they can play. Includes vintage and modern consoles. Suit it up with professional gaming chairs, multiple screens, and everything you need to keep them comfortable.

For this you will need specialized computers and software, console providers, professional employees in the area, etc. It would be ideal to offer snacks and drinks in vending machines, game tables, free Wi-Fi and the organization of group tournaments.

9-Pop Up Game Parties

In the event that you do not have a place, appeal to the organization of game parties in the house of others. For example, providing all the necessary equipment and games for personalized events or planning tournaments for those attending the celebration. It is a popular alternative for children's parties.

10-Manufacture of clothing and accessories

Gamers and those who identify with this trend often dress in video game-themed clothing. Exploit this niche by selling flannels, accessories, footwear and everything related to gamers.

This includes robes, pajamas, bags, stuffed animals, hats, pins, jackets, vests, bracelets, etc.

11-Website design

The members of the video game industry in the world are looking to launch their own website, so if you are a developer, you have a business opportunity there. Some ask for gaming forums, online stores and servers.

Specialize in this sector so that you stand out and get more customers. Combine it with graphic design which is equally in demand by gamers who require logos, banners and graphics for forums.

He also creates brochures and marketing materials for video game companies.


Your experience is used to teach other players who are just starting out or who want to hone their skills. Promote the business by opening a YouTube channel giving tips and tricks and thus attract customers who want to stand out.

These are the ideas for a video game business that we recommend to start your business. If you want to know more about other businesses, we invite you to enter Hispanic Entrepreneurs.

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