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Importance of a CRM, the 5 most outstanding software

Importance of a CRM
Importance of a CRM

Managing customer data as the business grows becomes complex. That's where the importance of a CRM. In Hispanic Entrepreneurs We explain what this model is about, why you should implement it in your SME and what are the most outstanding software.

What is a CRM and what is it for?

To define what is a CRM we must understand that this concept is explained from two different angles. On the one hand, we have the management model and on the other, the software.

CRM means Customer Relationship Management, into Spanish translates as customer relationship management. From a strategic point of view, it is a model that seeks to understand customers from the data left by their interactions with the company, and then make personalized and more effective decisions.

It is understood then as a management model focused on the client, which seeks to obtain a deep knowledge of these to retain them.

The companies that implement CRM in their strategy seek to sell better and retain customers.

CRM allows you to collect and manage data more efficiently. In this way, you learn more about your customers and offer them a better shopping experience.

For the model to work, the different areas of the company must be integrated. That is, it should be a collaborative environment with a continuous work flow and in which everyone understands the role they carry out.

The management of relationships through this model is based on accompanying the customer's journey through the sales funnel. Thanks to their interactions, their needs are understood, so we can anticipate and offer them a value proposition that takes them to the next step. So until the sale and loyalty are achieved.

CRM as software

On the other hand, we have the customer relationship management software. This is what is often understood as CRM and refers to the technological tool with which we carry out the management process.

Through the software the relationship between the company and its customers is managed. This is what allows us to have a database with all the information we collect from contacts. It helps us classify them, know what stage they are in, manage communications, track sales, automate processes, analyze results and more.

Companies can choose different types of CRM. The customized software, created according to your needs and to which you have all the rights. This alternative is expensive and is usually only available in large companies.

There are other cloud-based options that are cheaper and are the one that small and medium-sized businesses opt for. They can be modified to suit the needs of users and there are a large number of offers on the market.

What is the importance of a CRM?

The relationship with the customer and the ability to offer the best shopping experience has become one of the objectives of the companies. By understanding them they are able to offer them what they need at the right time and thus get more conversions.

Customer management is a task that companies have always done. But the use of specialized software until a few years ago was almost exclusive to large organizations. Thanks to CRM, this work has also been facilitated for SMEs.

In large part, the application of this model has been driven by digital marketing due to the amount of data it provides about customers. What forced to look for more efficient alternatives than those that were used before.

Years ago and even today there are companies that carry out this management through spreadsheets. But these have many disadvantages such as not facilitating a collaborative environment or allowing access from anywhere. They also make analysis of results difficult.

Instead, CRM is a resource for entrepreneurs that facilitates this work and makes them more competitive.

Thanks to these programs, companies better understand their current and potential customers; offer advanced solutions to your needs; they make more informed and effective decisions and get more sales.

CRM also makes the segmentation and analysis process more effective. In addition, it provides greater control over the relationship with customers. For example, it is easier to track the communications sent, budget, stage in the funnel, etc.

Top CRM software

We already know what is a CRM and what is its purpose, now let's look at some of the most used today.

  1. Salesforce. Several ranking lists, such as Capterra's, rank it as the most prestigious CRM with more than 150 thousand clients. It is cloud-based and allows the work of all departments, from marketing to sales, to be integrated into the platform. It is very complete and has a free 30-day version that you can try before hiring it.
  2. Zoho CRM. It allows adding or removing functions according to the needs of the company, it is quite complete. It has a free version that allows up to 10 users.
  3. Hubspot. It is one of the most popular software. It is an easier option to handle than the previous ones and, in addition, it is free. However, it has some limitations when integrating certain functions and it is necessary to complement them with other payment tools.
  4. Sugar CRM. It is an open source management system. Among its functions it allows to synchronize contacts, calendar, tasks, mail, etc. It has plans starting at $ 52 with the necessary functions for small businesses.
  5. SumCRM. It is a simple tool, in Spanish, ideal for companies that are in full growth. It allows you to monitor campaigns, track emails, sales reports, etc.

You already know the importance of a CRM for entrepreneurs. Have you used this tool? Tell us about your experience.

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