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Social networks in your business

Social networks in your business
Social networks in your business

David bracamonte 

Clarksville, TN.  "This photo is for Facebook" This comment is repeated millions of times every day, either out loud or just in thought, but it is a global trend from which no one can escape.

Social networks went from being a medium where people "wasted" time, to being a fundamental part of business, even all large or small companies with a view to growth have social networks within their marketing budget.

And the statistics support this theory that social media in your business is necessary, since around 8 out of 10 internet users in the United States are buying products online every month. This according to Global Web Index, a measuring company.

The 25-44 age group are the largest online shoppers, but even among the 55-64 group there are still 72% who shop regularly online. Similarly, it is not surprising that we see higher numbers among the high-income group, but the vast majority of the bottom quartile are also buying products.

So we are talking that little by little the barriers that still exist are being broken, and that every day more and more people are making their decision to purchase or choose services online and mostly social networks.

And although it seems an advertisement (it is not) for the social network Facebook, I must say that they are still the big ones to beat, beyond Twitter, YouTube, Pinteres, Instagram has a great weight today that of the little blue man, master the numbers.

Facebook remains the leader

Regarding the business market, GWI data shows that the vast majority of people have a Facebook account, and that almost all of them visit it every month. Therefore, the reach of brands is enormous, especially if you consider that, in addition to all the messages they can see on their news channels or through advertisements, more than a third say that they are actively visiting the brand pages.

The potential of a brand to spread its presence and reach through social networks is also very clear: 24% of Facebook users are sharing brand activities such as articles, photos, videos, etc. on their personal profiles.

That is why companies are not seen leaving the networks, but rather more and more social networks in your business come and go are of vital importance ... Read more in Hispanic Entrepreneurs

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