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8 books for entrepreneurs you should read

8 books for entrepreneurs you should read
8 books for entrepreneurs you should read

Moving forward with your business project requires preparation and understanding of the challenges you face, and these books for entrepreneurs that you must read will help you achieve it. Do you want to be successful? You have to be willing to learn and these authors bring valuable advice.

From Hispanic Entrepreneurs We made this list with part of the books that you should have in your library. They are readings with which you will learn from the experience of their authors and the stories they present.

Learn how to start your business from scratch, managing clients, the most frequent mistakes of entrepreneurs, managing finances and much more.

Above all you have to understand that learning is constant. If you have already started your business, it does not mean that you no longer need this knowledge. On the contrary, if you want him to succeed and overcome the most difficult years, you have to research and apply the new knowledge.

8 books for entrepreneurs you should read

1. The largest seller in the world

Written by Og Mandino and published in 1968, it is one of the oldest on our list. And yet his message is still valid today for any type of business.

The central message is to learn to sell and understand what the principles that govern the work of the good merchant. Being persistent, taking advantage of every moment, having a plan to achieve our goals and working on good habits are some of the lessons it leaves us.

Reading is enjoyable and Mandino frames these lessons in the life of a camel driver who aspires to become the greatest salesman in the world.

You can buy it at this link:

2. The 7 habits of highly effective people

If Mandino talks about acquiring good habits, Stephen Covey -author of this book- delves into what those habits should be.

It is a book to read calmly, understand each of the principles it presents and begin to apply them in our life and business. Covey's argument is that it is our habits that will make us achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

You can buy it at this link:

3 The entrepreneur's black book

Undertaking is a long-distance race and the road is not without obstacles and mistakes that often lead to failure. But what are those mistakes that put businesses at risk?

Fernando Trías de Bes presents 14 key factors of failure in The entrepreneur's black book. These explain why a company goes bankrupt in its early years, based on their experience and that of other entrepreneurs who give their testimonies.

You can buy it at this link:

4. The entrepreneur's manual

In this book the authors, Steve Blank and Bob Dorf, present a guide step by step to undertake. When you decide to take this path, you start out full of uncertainties. And not infrequently you will be presented with more questions than answers.

That is why this is one of the books for entrepreneurs that you should read. Here you will be able to clarify the doubts that may arise at any stage of your business.

5. Disney-style management

When it comes to entrepreneurship, understanding how companies achieved success will help you set the path you should follow. Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson explain the philosophy and management model with which Walk Disney built its empire.

Disney's thinking, they point out, was based on four actions "dream, believe, dare and do." In addition, he recognized the importance of treating both customers and employees well.

6. The purple cow

One of the great challenges that new entrepreneurs have is to make their idea different from the others; Hence the comparison made by the author, Seth Godin, with a purple cow, which is sure to attract more attention than regular cows.

What it tries to understand is how to promote your product in an original way so that consumers will adopt it.

Godin invites you to leave old marketing practices behind if you don't want to risk the product disappearing in the crowd.

7. The art of starting 2.0

Another of the recommended books for entrepreneurs It is this that serves as a guide for new entrepreneurs. It teaches how to evaluate the business idea and then implement it. And it does not stop there, but also talks about the expansion of the company.

Guy Kawasaki updated his bestseller The art of getting started to add everything that is related to online marketing and digital transformation. So it includes and explains how to use the new technological tools that are available to entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the above, the tips included are also aimed at businesses that are already underway.

8 Little capitalist pig

Are you not sure how to manage your business finances? This is what Sofía Macías tries to teach you in her book. There are three versions of this book:

  • Personal finance for hippies, yuppies and bohemians. It gives you the tools to manage your personal resources and be able to save.
  • Investments. It shows how to choose where to put the money you save to generate real profits.
  • Little Capitalist Pig 2021: Fix Your Financial Relaxation in 365 Days. Macías presents 12 challenges to the reader to teach him how to fix his finances.

What do you think of these books for entrepreneurs? Do you have any recommendations that you would add to the list?

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