Do I need a license for a painting business in Houston?

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs Apr 06, 2021
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This time, from Hispanic Entrepreneurs, we answer a common question: is it necessary to have a license to paint business in Houston? In addition, we explain how to start a company of this type. We anticipate that Texas differs from most states, which could be beneficial for those who start in this business.

Should I get a license for a painting business in Houston?

In the United States, each state has its own rules when starting a business. Many require a painter's license to be able to do this job. For example, if you want to start a paint business in Tennessee You will need a state home improvement license or a contractor's license, depending on the cost of the project.

When it comes to Texas, the situation is different. An aspiring painting contractor in Houston You will save part of the bureaucratic procedures thanks to the fact that this trade does not require a license at the state level.

Locally, different counties may require a license or permit to practice this trade. In Houston, however, a license for a residential painting business is also not required.

Other types of construction-related jobs require a work permit that is processed through the Houston Permitting Center.

Who Needs a Contractor's License in Texas?

Builders, painters, and home improvement specialists do not require a contractor's license in the state. On the other hand, there are other trades related to the sector that do require this procedure.

This is the case for electricians, plumbers and HVAC services. Each of them has different categories of licenses and may require a minimum of training and experience to obtain it.

In other counties in Texas a painter's permit or license, so it is important to review the requirements of the locality where you plan to operate.

How to start a painting business in Texas?

Being exempt from a state contractor's license doesn't mean there aren't any other paperwork you need to go through to start your painting business.

Like any other business in Texas, you must obtain a business license. To do this, you must first register the painting business through the website of the Secretary of State. You must also register the company name in advance and select the structure it will have.

Likewise, you must register the company with the tax office and obtain the insurance that the business requires. In this sense, you will need:

  • Liability insurance It covers in case of damage to third parties or in the workplace caused by any of the employees during the performance of their work.
  • El worker's compensation insurance to cover medical expenses and rehabilitation costs of employees who suffer an accident at work.
  • As a freelancer you will need a health insurance to cover your medical expenses.

Now, even though you don't need a license for a painting business in Houston, check what paperwork needs to be done locally. The business may require a county license to do business.

Other recommendations to start your painting business

If you are looking for a business to start with little money this is an interesting option; especially in Texas because you don't have to apply for a contractor's license. This makes the process easier. However, there are still other aspects that you must take into account to start your company.

At Hispanos Emprendedores we always emphasize the need to have a business plan. This document will serve as a guide to start your business. Here you must describe what are the specific services you will offer, in what area, the personnel and capital you need, etc.

That plan will also be necessary in case you require financing for your painting business. You may need it to buy supplies for the business and to meet the first expenses.

Within the plan also you will define the added value that your company will have. The very ease of starting this business causes competition to be high. So there are many Houston painting contractors to choose from. If you want clients to decide on your services, you have to differentiate yourself from the rest.

You will also need a marketing plan to promote your business. Use traditional media such as flyers to make yourself known and get new customers. Also, take advantage of social networks and other digital channels to talk about your services.

And remember that the best promotion will be given by satisfied customers. Complete each job and strengthen the relationship with them so that they recommend your company.

A Houston paint business license is not required at this time. This will make the process easier to get started in this area, but you should review the rest of the requirements.