Licenses to open a restaurant in California

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs September 09, 2022

En Hispanic Entrepreneurs we specify the licenses to open a restaurant in Los Angeles, Calif. Learn everything you need to operate your business legally and without causing problems in the future.

This could lead you to lose a lot of money, but it will not be so if you meet all the requirements.

Requirements to open a restaurant in California

Opening a restaurant takes time, so it is important that you know in detail everything you need. In this way, when the time comes to open, everything will be ready and you will have nothing to prevent the operation of your business.

Seeking advice from specialists may be the solution to understand the requirements and permits to sell food in Los Angeles. Make contacts in the sector; see how other similar businesses work and put together a plan with the objectives you want to achieve and what you are going to do to achieve it.

For open a restaurant in the United States you need to do a series of procedures that include registration; obtain the business license; permission to sell food. You also need the Federal Employer Identification Number.

Another requirement that you must meet is the contracting of insurance. In California you must have at least workers' compensation, unemployment and liability insurance. On the other hand, you must register your business to pay taxes and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This is a summary of what you need, but this time we will focus on licenses and permits. To understand which ones to obtain, take into account different aspects. Such as, size of the premises, the type of activity that will be carried out, if you need to make reforms, entertainment options, among others.

Next we will know more details about it.

What are the licenses to open a restaurant in Los Angeles?

If you want to open a food business in LA County, these are the licenses and permits that you must process.

  • The first is a business license that is mandatory for the restaurant to operate in the territory where it is located. You will have to process it at the local and state level. Also, if you are going to sell liquor you also need the federal business license.
  • Another requirement is the seller's permit, which is the one that will allow you to collect sales taxes. In this way the state recognizes you as a tax collector.
  • Food Facility Permit issued by the Los Angeles County Health Department. This department will ensure that you comply with all health and safety codes. You must obtain this permit if you plan to remodel an existing restaurant or build one from scratch.
  • Another restaurant license it is the one of public health that also grants the Department of Health. To achieve this, the business must pass the inspection and an official who will check how food is handled, storage conditions, pest control and employee hygiene.
  • At least one employee or owner must have food safety certification, which is valid for five years.
  • They must also have a food handling permit; although in this case it is a mandatory requirement for all employees who prepare, store or serve food.
  • The restaurant must also obtain a food service license. Thus it is verified that it complies with the regulations of food preparation, storage and safety; it also complies with food safety laws. It is another of the sanitary requirements to open a restaurant that you have to fulfill.

Other licenses to consider

Apart from the ones we just mentioned, you may also need the following licenses to operate your restaurant in Los Angeles.

  • Liquor license. There are different types of licenses to sell liquor in an establishment. For example, type 41 can serve beer and wine; while type 47 can serve distilled spirits as well as beer and wine. Check which is the one that suits you in your food sales business.
  • Form license. You will need this permission to display the sign outside your restaurant. To do this you must meet county sign requirements, submit layout and wiring plans if you have lighting.
  • Music license. It is necessary if recorded music is to be played in the restaurant. Thanks to this license you will do it without problem.

You should not only be aware of the permits to sell food in California. As we saw at the beginning, there are many details that you must also attend to for your business to be successful.

Some recommendations for setting up a restaurant are to define a style for the business and invest in the training of workers. In this sense, it is important that they update their knowledge and train in areas such as customer service.

On the other hand, find a team to support you in running the restaurant. To do this, contact lawyers, accountants and insurance brokers who are specialists in this industry.

Gather the licenses to open a restaurant in Los Angeles and start working on your food sales. We know that it is a profitable business if you know how to handle it from the beginning and adapt to the circumstances.

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