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Best Hispanic Recipe Channels YouTube

Best Hispanic Recipe Channels YouTube
Best Hispanic Recipe Channels YouTube

Now that people are spending more time at home, one of the favorite activities they have practiced and others discovered is cooking. Learning to make recipes is very simple with the use of the channels provided by the internet. If you are in the United States, take advantage of  best Hispanic recipe channels YouTube. En Hispanic Entrepreneurs We give you the list so that you know them.

Since its appearance in 2005, YouTube has more than 31 million channels, becoming one of the most used social networks. Reports indicate that about 43% of Internet users enter the platform on a monthly basis.

In addition, the United States is the second country with the largest number of users after India with 197 million. So it is a good way to spread information and entertain.

Best Hispanic Recipe Channels YouTube

If you want to find inspiration or simply learn to prepare dishes from Hispanic countries to expand your menu, you must meet the protagonists. With the videos of their recipes they will give you ideas and even motivate you to enter the world of cooking.

1-The Capital: 

Mexican Oscar Meza managed to reach a little more than 8 million subscribers on his channel showing how meat-based dishes are prepared. It has achieved 1.502.547.068 views since 2016.

This audio engineer decided to emigrate and settled in Nashville where he began to share his material. En The capital He published his learning process in the kitchen and with his self-confidence he managed to conquer the audience.

Prepare from chilaquiles of cochinita pibil, ceviche, stuffed sweet potato, tamales, enchiladas, tacos, to fajitas. His success prompted him to launch his own products and he has collaborated with renowned chefs and other famous channels.

2-The Freakin Rican Restaurant: 

Through this window they teach you how to prepare the Puerto Rican food that is offered in the restaurant of the same name located in Astoria, New York. The videos include tutorials on how to make bacalaitos, sanchocho, alcapurrias, mofongo, etc.

It aims to remember the typical food of Puerto Rico with the touch that mothers and grandmothers give it with recommendations from chef Derick López. It has 125 thousand subscribers and 7.098.316 views since 2014.

3- Cooking With Claudia: 

Claudia Regalado gives tips from Arizona on how to make Mexican food with easy and delicious recipes. She emphasizes that she is not a chef, but a housewife who enjoys cooking for her family.

With 633.000 subscribers and 51.664.823 views since 2016, he has shared videos preparing rice pudding, gorditas, pan de muerto, red beef broth, sopapilla and more.

4-Gochujang Mom: 

The Mexican American who runs this channel defines herself as a homecook who enjoys putting all kinds of recipes into practice. Thanks to her Mexican-American heritage and her Korean husband, an important fusion stands out.

With 1,29 million subscribers and 162.371.614 views Cooking With Claudia has become a reference.

Make dishes like pumpkin fudge, champurrado, Mexican chocolate, and broccoli cheese and rice casserole. As well as chimichangas, chicken chow mein, flour tortillas, macaroni and cheese, strawberry horchata and tamales.

5-Patti Jinich:

Chef Patti Jinich from the PBS James Beard award-winning show shares recipes and clips from her series. The author of two cookbooks can be seen making pots of fish crackling, guava cake. She also gives her tips for barbecuing beef in the summer. It has 74.900 subscribers and 4.931.155 views.

6-Sweet and Salty: 

The Colombian blogger named Diana teaches how to make the classic Colombian beans, egg arepa, chicharrón, among other dishes. Provides recipes in English and SpanishSince, as she explains, she is Colombian by birth, but grew up in the United States.

She indicates that she is a fan of good food and through this channel she tries to be closer to the gastronomy of her country of origin. Make sweet and savory dishes weekly. It has one million subscribers and 130.747.170 views.

7-Evelyn Dominguez: 

Through this, people can learn to prepare Puerto Rican and Latin food in general. His most popular videos are the tutorials for making stuffed potatoes, leg, baked ham, tembleque and steak. It also has the channel in English. So far it has 804.000 subscribers and 129.138.071 views.

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