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Best cities to start a business in Tennessee

Best cities to start a business in Tennessee
Best cities to start a business in Tennessee Photo by Samson on Unsplash

Tennessee is among the best states to undertake in the United States. But you know What are the best cities to start a business in Tennessee? In Hispanic Entrepreneurs we will mention them for you.

The economic and financial climate in the state is attractive for entrepreneurs. Among the advantages it has, we can highlight the ease of accessing non-traditional financing, low tax burden, access to technological resources, among others.

All of this encourages new entrepreneurs. If you want to start a business and you are not sure where to do it, keep reading.

What are the best cities to start a business in Tennessee

Are you willing to undertake in Tennessee? In these cities, those who dare to start a business find a good environment to grow.


Clarksville is a city that continues to grow and has had a significant business drive in recent years. It has attracted the investment of large companies and also of small entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the favorable economic climate.

On several occasions it has been recognized as one of the best cities to start. This is thanks to the growth that businesses have had in the area. Added to other indicators such as the increase in the population above the average in medium-sized metropolitan areas. Which translates into growth in demand.

Part of Clarksville's development is due to the development of nearby cities like Nashville.


According to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, this is another of the cities in Tennessee that has positioned itself among the best to start. In the last 5 years several studies have talked about the qualities that the city has.

For example, WalletHub determined that one of its strengths is in the good business climate in the area. The opportunities for a company to grow from scratch in Nashville are many.

The best established industries are music and health. However, entrepreneurs also do very well in other areas. If you want undertake in Nashville it is convenient that you know the demographic and economic indicators to know what you will find.


Some of the big companies in the United States have their headquarters in Memphis, FedEx for example. This gives you the confidence that new entrepreneurs need to start a business in the city.

On several occasions Memphis has been recognized among the main cities to start in the United States. The cost to start a business -and life in general- in the city is lower than in other cities. In addition, it has a good number of organizations that function as incubators and accelerators, which gives businesses the opportunity to grow.

Population growth is also an advantage as it generates demand, while attracting entrepreneurs from other cities.

The people of Memphis are used to undertaking. And the city's Chamber of Commerce offers important resources to accompany the entrepreneur from the first steps.

They highlight the technology, health and music industries. The food business, including food-trucks, they have earned their space in this city.


Chattanooga's strengths include easy access to the resources to undertake. It is known as Gig City, residents enjoy less expensive gigabit per second. But also, the connection is super fast.

In 2015, the website dedicated to finance SmartAssets rated Chattanooga as the cheapest city to start a business in the entire United States.

The low cost of the Internet is just one of the factors taken into account. Utilities are also low in cost, as are office spaces.

Ease of accessing financing is another important factor in the city. It also has groups of business incubators and accelerators, as well as angel investors ready to support entrepreneurs.


According to Thumbtack surveys, Knoxville is one of the friendliest cities for entrepreneurs.

Along with the presence of companies that help promote new businesses, the low cost of living must also be highlighted. A characteristic that is repeated in the cities we have mentioned.

Other cities to undertake

In addition to these cities, there are other places that present a good environment for entrepreneurs in Tennessee. Among these we can mention Bristol. It is located in the northeast of the state, sharing a border with another city of the same name in Virginia. The region's Chamber of Commerce is accredited 5 stars for supporting free enterprise, its commercial practices, promoting business growth, among other factors.

Greeneville is a rural community that stands out for having one of the highest business averages per inhabitant. In addition, the cost of living on site is also low. If you want to start in the tourism or service industry, Pigeon Forge is a good place to do it.

You already know which are the best cities to start a business in Tennessee. On our website you can see some of the business that are in the hands of Hispanic entrepreneurs.

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