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Steps to open a food business in Chile

Steps to open a food business in Chile
Steps to open a food business in Chile

We invite you to know the steps to open a food business in Chile with Hispanic Entrepreneurs. In many respects it is similar to any other type of business, but there are specific points for restaurants. Find out about the process and thus avoid making mistakes.

Define ideas to open a restaurant

Planning and defining what you want from your new business is key to getting off to a good start. The process to set up a company begins before setting it up, so the first thing to do is organize your ideas.

In the gastronomic sector the options for entrepreneurship are many. You may open a food truck, a restaurant, a fast food outlet, starting a home-cooked food business, among other options.

Analyze well which alternative is the best for you and with which you feel most comfortable. For example, you may not have the budget to set up a restaurant at the moment, but you dare to sell food prepared at home.

Besides the type of business, you have to decide on the food itself. Will you sell a specific style, such as only Chilean food or international dishes? Will it be a vegan restaurant? Here the options will also be quite wide and it is best that you choose the one in which you are a specialist or hire a chef who is.

This brings us to the next point, the staff. You are not going to hire anyone yet, but you do have to list who you will need in your business plan. Also, list the tools and equipment you will need to start the food business in Chile.

All this will allow you to determine the resources you need to undertake. Within this initial process, don't forget to check the requirements to open a restaurant in Chile. Seek advice and familiarize yourself with all the legal aspect.

Search for suppliers, define prices and marketing strategies. All of this is part of the process. Starting a business takes time and requires many decisions to be made, but it is possible, take heart!

Steps to open a food business in Chile

Gastronomy is one of the sectors preferred by Chileans to undertake. Therefore, your business must be unique, offer a different value to the rest to be successful. Specify what your differential proposal will be in the business plan and then continue with the process.

Next, we explain step by step what to do to start your business.

1. Incorporate the company

The first of requirements for food premises the step is to establish and register the commercial company.

To do this, you have to first define the type of commercial company that you will set up. For this you have three alternatives:

  • EIRL (Individual Limited Liability Company).
  • Anonymous society.
  • Limited Liability Company.

Evaluate the characteristics of each one to choose the one that suits you best. Then you go on to constitute the company through one of the two available systems:

Traditional system:

The process with this method is as follows:

  • Prepare the articles of incorporation of the company.
  • Write the extract of the deed and legalize it before the notary.
  • Registration in the Real Estate Conservative Trade Registry to obtain the protocol.
  • Publication of the extract in the Official Gazette.

Company in one day:

This system allows you to do the process online:

  • Complete the web form to create the deed of incorporation of the company.
  • The signature of the deed can be done with an electronic signature or at the notary's office indicating the service number.

2. Start activities

This procedure is carried out through the Internal Revenue Service (SII). You can do it online, but first, familiarize yourself with the SII codes for restaurants; these are:

  • 552010 for restaurants.
  • 552020 for fast food establishments.
  • 552030 for casinos and social clubs.
  • 552040 for industrially prepared food services.
  • 552050 for banquets, weddings and other celebrations.
  • 552090 for other establishments that sell food and beverages.

3. Obtain the certificate of previous information

The document is delivered by the Municipal Works Directorate, indicating the zoning history of the area where the restaurant will be.

4. Apply for the health permit

This is one of the permits to open a food business. It is requested before the Seremi de Salud and you will have to deliver a series of documents along with the form.

These include the zoning certificate; plan of the premises and sanitary facilities; waste disposal system; sketch of the heat, odor, steam and cold system removal systems, and proof of drinking water and sewerage.

5. Obtain patents

The commercial patent granted by the municipality is referred to, to obtain it it will be necessary to present the sanitary authorization. If you are going to sell alcohol you will also need the alcohol patent.

Likewise, you must process the toilet rights for your business.

After completing these steps to open a food business in Chile, you can open the doors of your restaurant. With the right advice you will have no problem during the process.

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