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Steps to digitize a company

Steps to digitize a company
Steps to digitize a company

What would happen to your business if it depended only on traditional processes to work? In the event of a crisis such as the one caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it would become invisible and would be doomed to failure. Many faced this reality and in order for you to avoid it, in Hispanic Entrepreneurs we list the steps to digitize a company.

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Path to digital transformation in companies

The digitization of companies consists of applying new technologies in work processes. In other words, include digital applications in daily routines, giving them priority over traditional tools.

The use of social networks, process automation, the application of Information Technology are part of digitization. This trend had already begun to gain importance in recent years. However, for a few months it has gained momentum worldwide due to the coronavirus health crisis.

Companies faced an unexpected reality in which offline advertising was no longer an option. Contact with potential customers was limited, including among employees; there was no option to attend fairs or congresses, these and other alternatives were surrounded by the crisis. Consequently, those who fail to adapt to the new conditions are in danger of having to close their doors.

And it is digital tools that provide the opportunity to continue in the market. Thanks to these it is possible to maintain contact with current and potential customers, create brand awareness, understand consumers and find new ways to sell.

But effective digitization it is just a necessary step for digital transformation. This involves starting to think digitally all the time and at all levels of the organization. In this way it will be possible to approach the new consumer.

Understanding consumer behavior

The past few months also had a profound effect on consumers. These began to spend more time online and increased online purchases, as well as the volume of those orders. In a short time they far exceeded the projection of the whole year.

According to the Nielsen consultant, 17% of US consumers began to use delivery services more. And while some states reopen their doors, there are still those who prefer to stay home and away from large groups of people.

With the digitization of your business you will be able not only to better understand these consumers, but to be able to reach them.


Steps to digitize a company

The marketing process includesseveral phases that are reflected below: business digitization it is constant work. Below, we present you step by step how to achieve it.

1. Evaluate the reality of the company

To start the process you must make a diagnosis to know where you are and how the organization works. In this way you can set your expectations and you will know what you must do to achieve them. This step will mark the rest of the actions that you will follow in the process.

2. Develop strategies for digitization

Then it is time to design the digitization strategy in which you will set the objectives. The process must be approached from different perspectives: what the work processes will be like; how the internal structure will align with the new goal, and what must be done to achieve digital thinking at all times.

3. Employee training

You probably already have employees with the right profiles to make the changes. So you must identify them and team up to develop the plan.

Includes all workers in the training process to familiarize themselves with digital tools.

4. Select the digitizing tools

It is time to select the technologies that you will start using. Tools are available for all business processes, from administration, customer management, to production.

We can highlight among them the cloud storage services, CRM software, applications for task and project management, among many others.

5. Optimize the customer experience

To find out how to digitize a company it is necessary to understand that the client must be the center of the strategy. It is the consumer's behavior that will tell you what actions to take. That is why you must know their profile, their needs, know where and how they buy.

The more data you have about customers, the better you can improve your relationship with them and anticipate their needs.

6. Choose the communication channels

The first essential channel is a website for your company. If you sell any type of products you will need an e-commerce.

Beyond these platforms, the digital world offers you other ways to communicate with consumers. Social networks and paid ads are two of the most used. Chatbots have also gained popularity in the area of ​​customer service.

The companies that manage to adapt are the ones that will have more opportunities to maintain and grow. If you check the business opportunities In this time of crisis, you will realize that several are focused on the digital world.

Apply these steps to digitize a company and take advantage of the business opportunities that technology makes available to you.

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