Permits required to export products to the USA


Selling products to customers in the United States represents an excellent business opportunity. But to do so you have to comply with the necessary permits to export to the USA. On Hispanic Entrepreneurs We give you all the information you need.

Previous steps to export to the United States

Exporting to the United States can be challenging due to the complex web of duties, taxes, and requirements. For this reason, before entering this world, we must know a little more what we are dealing with.

It is recommended to have a trusted partner who knows how to do the process to get the business done fast. That it is able to inform you about the billing, market, packaging and labeling that the products require. In addition to checking the customs requirements and the different government agencies to be ready when the merchandise arrives.

You should also research the market because in the country each state operates as a separate entity with its own procedures and rules. After you investigate the state in which you intend to sell; you have to determine the costs and other details to do business in it. Be sure to include detailed descriptions in English of the products being shipped.

Also find out about the "Incoterms", which are rules that govern the movement of international cargo. These help establish how products are shipped and which party is responsible for the shipment.

On the other hand, find out if your country has a trade agreement with the United States. This country maintains free trade relations with 12 countries in America, Mexico and Canada. They mainly benefit from tax-free entry or low fees.

Permits required to export products to the USA

In the United States, no import license is required. But in some specific cases some licenses may be required that you should be aware of. Several government agencies have restrictions on commodities.

A customs bond is generally required if the value exceeds $ 2.500. This ensures that all duties and taxes associated with shipping are waived. Whereas, if the products are regulated by partner government agencies such as Customs and Border Protection (PGA) a special license may be required.

In this case, the procedure is free, completing the form of the associated agency and following the instructions is sufficient. If you send alcohol regulated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Office (TTB) you have to complete the TTB form F 5100.24.

A license for agricultural products, weapons and ammunition must be applied for, special equipment (air conditioning and ovens). As well as consumer products such as toys for children, precious metals, among others.

Other permits necessary to export products to the USA are those for taxes and duties. The main ones are the rates based on the type, value and country of origin of the goods. As well as the fees for merchandise processing, port maintenance and special taxes on certain taxed assets.

Likewise, entry documents such as entry manifest (CBP form 7533), proof of right of entry, commercial invoice, packing list. Also certificate of origin and importer's security file for shipments arriving by ship.

When products are regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or are subject to anti-dumping or countervailing duties, quotas or other restricted products they require a formal entry.

If you need a formal entry you must have an account set up with a customs agent and documentation ready before shipment. This agent is authorized to pay the duties or set up an account for you to pay directly to customs.

Classification of products

Another element to take into account is that of the tariff classification of the products obeying the indications of the Harmonized Tariff Program of the USA or HTS for its acronym in English. The business office of the U.S. embassy in your country can help you establish the classification numbers.

You can access the list and associated fees online at

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