Most common dishes in a Mexican restaurant in the USA

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs Jan 15, 2022
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Mexican cuisine is popular for its diversity and flavor throughout the world, but especially among its neighbors. In this opportunity Hispanic Entrepreneurs gives you know what are the most common dishes in a Mexican restaurant in the USA.

Mexican gastronomy

Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular and beloved cuisines in the United States. According to a 2018 study, Mexican restaurants are the most popular type of ethnic cuisine in the country, with 7 in 10 Americans saying they had eaten at a Mexican restaurant in the past month.

Mexican food is also widely considered to be some of the tastiest in the world. In fact, a survey conducted in 2016 revealed that Mexican gastronomy was voted the number one cuisine in the world by chefs and gastronomes. So what is it that makes Mexican cuisine so special? Here are some of the many reasons:

  • The Flavor: Mexican cuisine is known for its bold and distinctive flavors. The most common ingredients are chili peppers, lime, cilantro and avocado, which come together to create a delicious and tantalizing experience for the palate.
  • The Variety: There are endless Mexican dishes to choose from, each with its own flavor and ingredients. Whether you fancy a hearty soup or a light salad, there is sure to be a dish to satisfy your cravings.
  • History: Mexican gastronomy has a rich history that dates back centuries. The geographical and cultural diversity of the country has given rise to a truly unique cuisine that reflects the land from which it comes.
  • The People: Mexican cuisine is more than just food: it's a way of life. Mexicans are passionate about their food and take great pride in preparing and sharing meals with family and friends. Eating is a social experience that should be enjoyed, not rushed.

Mexican food in the United States

The demand for Mexican cuisine in the United States has continued to grow. Millions of Americans use Mexican ingredients or products in their daily diet. In addition, the increase in the Hispanic population in the country led by Mexicans causes the trend to expand throughout the nation.

Apart from this, the installation of Mexican restaurants has grown and those with a Mexican menu represent about 9% of all those in the United States. Among the most used ingredients are japalenos, habanero chili, ghost pepper and black mole.

The export of food from Mexico to the United States has also grown and strengthened thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement. It is the third largest agricultural trading partner of Americans.

Studies indicate that the appetite and preference for Mexican food will continue to grow, but the challenge will be to identify the preferences of the new generation of consumers.

Most common dishes in a Mexican restaurant in the USA

The mixture of flavors and ingredients have led to the appearance of countless Mexican restaurants in the USA that offer typical dishes and some inventions adapted to the palate of the local citizen.

Mexican dishes:

1-Tacos in crispy tortilla

It is one of the popular Hispanic dishes. But the presentation in the United States is different. They are usually served with shredded and spiced meat, avocado sauce, chili, chopped tomatoes, lettuce and cream. Plus a mix of cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack, and shredded asadero all wrapped up in a crispy yellow corn tortilla.


They were invented by Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya in Coahuila in 1943. He served chunks of corn tortillas and cheese to the wives of the US military at Eagle Pass Army Air Force Base who crossed the border and quickly became popular. But in the United States they offer corn triangles with melted cheese, personalized with beans, mayonnaise, guacamole, salsa, chorizo ​​or roast beef.


Burritos are another very popular dish. Currently they are prepared filled with rice, vegetables, beans, cream, cheese, meat and guacamole wrapped in a cylindrical rolled wheat flour tortilla.


This is based on a tortilla that wraps the ground meat and cheese that are bathed in sauce for enchiladas generally canned. It is completed with a mixture of cheeses that are baked.

5-Chili con Carne and Chili Con Queso

This thick and spicy bean soup was created by Texans but is presented as Mexican. Chili con carne is a soupy dish prepared with tomato, ground or minced meat, canned beans, spices, and chili.

Meanwhile, the chili con queso has several yellow cheeses melted and mixed with jalapeño peppers, a homemade tomato sauce, onion and jalapeño cooked with a little butter.


Fajitas were also invented in Texas, but they are associated with Mexican cuisine and they enter the list of most common dishes in a Mexican restaurant in the USA. In the 1.930s a butcher sold a cheap cut of meat he called fajita. The workers tenderized it by mashing the beef and marinating it with lemon before putting it on the fire to cook it.

That is, it consists of meat roasted on the grill, cut into strips and served in a corn or wheat flour tortilla. They also make them with chicken and pork, even shrimp. It is served with sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese or tomato.


This dish that is composed of a fried tortilla base generally cut into triangles bathed in beans and Manchego cheese. In some restaurants they serve them with meat al pastor on top or some other stew.

If you are in Tennessee these may be 5 of the Mexican restaurant nearby

  • Mariachi, a restaurant located on Highway 31 just outside of Nashville. They specialize in authentic Mexican dishes like tacos al pastor and burritos with spicy pork.
  • Camino Real, which is located on South Church Street in Murfreesboro. Their menu includes fajitas, quesadillas, and other south-of-the-border favorites.
  • Coffee Ole, located at 959 Cooper St, Memphis, is a family owned Mexican restaurant. It is known for its salsa bar that offers five different salsas to choose from, from the mildest to the hottest.
  • the crazy mariachi It is a restaurant located in Knoxville. It is known for its handmade Mexican dishes and its Margaritas that are served in pitchers.
  • Jalapenos, a Chattanooga favorite offering both Tex Mex and traditional Mexican cuisine. Some of their specialties are chicken quesadillas and chimichangas

Mexican food is a staple of the American diet. The next time you're hungry for something different, try one of these delicious Tennessee restaurants to fill you up.

easy mexican recipes

There are a variety of easy Mexican recipes that can be made at home with little effort. One of these recipes is quesadillas.

Quesadillas are made with flour tortillas, cheese, and your choice of fillings such as chicken, beef, or vegetables. They can be baked or grilled, and make a great appetizer or main dish. Another easy Mexican recipe is enchiladas.

Enchiladas are made with corn tortillas that are filled with meat or cheese and covered in a chili sauce. They can be served with rice and beans, making them a complete and satisfying meal. For a lighter dish, try the tacos.

Tacos are made with soft tortillas and can be filled with a variety of ingredients such as fish, chicken, or vegetables. Whether you're looking for a hearty meal or a quick snack, there's an easy Mexican recipe to fit your needs.

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