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What is a payment gateway? Know the most popular

What is a payment gateway
What is a payment gateway

You have a store, you receive visits and users are interested in your products. But when the transaction is finished, the order is left in the shopping cart. Perhaps they did not find a payment method that meets their needs or they doubt the security of the process. To help your sales grow, in Hispanic Entrepreneurs we explain to you What is a payment gateway and how to choose the best one for your e-commerce.

What is a payment gateway?

If you sell products online or are about to open your online store, you know that one of the most important decisions you must make is the payment methods that you are going to integrate. Consumers are already used to shopping online, but they demand security, simplicity and reliability when making a transaction.

To be able to sell in your e-commerce you need a payment gateway. This is a platform that is integrated into the online store, through which the monetary transaction between the customer and the store is authorized.

Our e-commerce payment gateways available are varied and have different characteristics. Depending on the one you choose you are preparing your e-commerce for the future and offering a better customer experience.

These services are essential to sell online because they simplify the entire process. They are responsible for processing the information provided by the customer and authorizing the transaction.

Implementing this tool on your website is simple. After choosing the one that suits you best, you just have to register and choose the bank account to which the money will be sent later.

The gateways must offer various payment methods for the convenience of the client and guarantee the security of their data.

How does a payment gateway work?

Its operation is simple. The user first chooses what to buy from the catalog and places the order. The system will then ask you to choose a preferred payment method and the corresponding details.

The browser encrypts information and data travels securely over the network. This is achieved through a SSL (Secure Socket Layrer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate , which prevent the data from being captured by third parties.

In this way, customer information reaches the payment gateway which, in turn, delivers it to the seller's bank platform. This is in charge of verifying the data and authorizing the transaction. The process takes a few seconds and, if the payment is not processed, it will send a message stating the reason.

Advantages of payment gateways

Now that we explain what does payment gateways mean, we detail the advantages that this service offers for electronic commerce.

  • The bank details travel encrypted to the bank's server.
  • This system is compatible with other payment methods.
  • They reduce the risk of fraud to a minimum.
  • They allow you to track transactions.
  • Those who buy online are already familiar with this system and trust it.

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