What to do in Clarksville at Christmas

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs February 24, 2020
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Discover What to do in Clarksville at Christmas with Hispanic Entrepreneurs. This time is not only ideal to give your business a boost, but to share with the people who matter most to you and create memories with them. We show you some activities that you can enjoy these days in the company of family and friends.

Lights and celebration throughout the community

Since December began, Clarksville has been a great setting to enjoy Christmas. There have been plenty of parties, celebrations and activities to share with the family. The entire community has turned to enjoying events that have already become a tradition.

Walks along the Cumberland River, Christmas tree displays, or a day of ice skating. They are just some of the activities that have been enjoyed in Clarksville.

There is still much to do, it is not too late to go out on the streets and enjoy the light displays. Christmas and New Year's days are also very close and there are many parties around the city waiting for everyone's participation. We tell you how to celebrate christmas in clarksville.

What to do in Clarksville at Christmas

There is a lot to do on the streets of Clarksville during Christmas time. Some of the main events take place between the end of November and the beginning of December. But there is still a lot to enjoy and here we will give you some options to entertain yourself in the company of family and friends.

Ice skating

Enjoy one of the most popular activities in winter and go skating in the city center. A larger skating rink is available this year and will be open to the public until January 21.

It will be an activity that children and adults will enjoy. You can go with your family, during your free time, or organize a private visit with the employees of your business. This way you will offer them a different Christmas celebration.

Downtown Commons also offers various events while the skating rink is open to the public.

Christmas on the Cumberland

Among the emblematic activities of the city is the walk on the bank of the river Cumberland. An event that this year reaches its twentieth edition. Entrance to McGregor Park is free and there you will enjoy one of the best light displays in the city.

It will be open until January 1 and on weekends there are choir performances and special activities. It occupies 5 miles along the river and you will undoubtedly be captivated by the beauty and ingenuity of the exhibition.

Decoration and light displays

You can't just enjoy the Christmas lights in Clarksville by walking around the Cumberland. The most enthusiastic inhabitants have been in charge of decorating their houses and other points with exhibitions that you cannot miss.

Find the best community exhibits at interactive lights map. There you will find photos of the decorations and how to get to the site so you can see it in person. In addition, the website also publishes events that will take place these days.

If you know of an event, attraction or exhibition that does not appear on the map, you can also add it.

Christmas lights circuit

Delight in the Christmas lights without getting out of your car in the Drive-Thru Clarksville Speedway. This event will be open to the public until the last day of the year. More than 2 million lights adorn the one-mile course.

Christmas Parties and New Years Eve

Among the events can not miss the celebrations of Christmas days and New Year's Eve. Various organizations and venues organize their own celebrations in Clarksville and around the city. Most of them you have to book in advance to make sure you have a place.

Locate the best Christmas parties in Clarksville and other events on websites like event brite.

If you are looking for what to do in Clarksville at Christmas this list gives you clues where to start. The city offers many alternatives to enjoy these festivals, you cannot miss them. While you decide where to go we invite you to read our Hispanic Entrepreneurs magazine and look for inspiration for your next business.