What do you need to sell on Amazon USA?

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs Apr 12, 2023

The American market is one of those that most consume products online and finding a way to enter it will be key for your business. One route that many take is that of Amazon, but what do you need to sell on Amazon USA. Find out with Hispanic Entrepreneurs how to get into this industry.

What does Amazon offer?

The e-commerce platform has two sales plans. One called individual that has a cost of $ 0.99 per sale and the other professional that amounts to $ 39.99 per month. With the latter you can sell any number of products and it enables you in more categories.

Depending on the sales plan and the type of product, it charges a series of fees, apart from the subscription that we already mentioned. You must also pay sales fees for each item sold. These include referral fees that are a percentage of the sales price. Plus variable item sale fees that apply to books, music, video, and DVDs.

They also include shipping fees when orders are managed on your own and Amazon logistics fees if it is carried out by your company. It groups the management and logistics of orders, storage and optional services.

Amazon has a program called Fullfilment by Amazon or FBA. Through this, sellers can send and store their inventory in the platform stores. It will take care of collecting, packaging and shipping the products to the buyers. Will handle returns and customer service.

When you have already registered as a seller you can use Seller Central. This is a portal used to manage your sales account. Likewise, you will be able to update inventory, manage payments, add information and locate useful content. It gives you the opportunity to track the daily sales of the products that you expose on the platform.

What do you need to sell on Amazon USA?

To be able to sell in the e-commerce giant you have to be of legal age. As well as creating a seller account (Create your Amazon account). Write your name, email and password. Then fill out a form in which they will ask you for tax information or if you have a company the data of the legal representative.

Next you will have to give the name of the business, choose the sales plan and the type of company. If it is an online store, you will be asked for the URL of the website. Provide a phone number to finish the process and enable the account.

For Amazon USA to approve the information you must have a bank account and credit card in the United States. In this way you can receive payments and pay commissions. There are companies that offer the service like Payoneer. In fact Amazon gives the option to register your account from Saddler Central.

It is also necessary to have a postal address for returns. You can open an account on MyUS or USAMaill for them to take care of it. Another requested requirement is the Employer Identification Number (EIN) and if you are a foreigner you must have a valid residence card.

Amazon takes up to 72 hours to review your forms and authorize the sale from its portal. In some cases, it requests additional information about the person who runs the business. For this reason, it is important to follow the instructions step by step.

When you overcome all the pitfalls, you will have access to 2000 billion monthly customers, an extensive distribution network and key research data.

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