What do I need to sell homemade food in Florida


The sale of food offers very varied business opportunities; You can even do it from your home if you don't have many resources to have a place or you are just looking for extra income. You will ask yourself what do I need to sell homemade food in Florida and in Hispanic Entrepreneurs we bring the answer.

Why start a food business from home?

There's good news for Florida foodies who want to start their own operations: You don't necessarily need a permit to do so.

That's right, there is food operations that do not need permits florida, you may not need to go through the hassle and expense of obtaining a permit from the state. If you have cooking skills you might consider open a homemade patisserie in Florida or make your own products like granola, preserves or homemade pasta to sell. This way, you would be taking advantage of your hobby and, over time, it could grow into a bigger business.

Sell ​​food from home in Florida it allows you to express your creativity and, in addition, it has a very wide niche. Although you should keep in mind that if you are going to sell homemade products you will have certain limitations.

The sale of homemade food has allowed unemployed people or those who need extra income to develop their own business. So there is a chance for undertake in times of crisis.

Also, it is easy to start such a business in this state. No need license to sell food from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Although the requirements demanded by the city in which you plan to open it should be reviewed.

You can use your own kitchen and home equipment, as well as store the products in your home.

Note: You are only allowed to use the main residence, you cannot make homemade food to sell in other people's kitchens or in a secondary property. Although the permit to sell food in florida it is not mandatory, we remind you to review and read the city laws well.

Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations

Before starting your business you should know what the regulations are that govern this activity, both in the state and in the county.

In Florida the Homemade Food Law which establishes, among other aspects, which products can be sold and which are prohibited; where they can be sold, how the labeling has to be, etc.

So, if you are wondering "what do I need to start a home-cooked food business?" The first thing you should do is review this law. According to this document, there are certain conditions that a home food business must meet to be considered as such. These are:

  1. Sell ​​any of the products that are approved by law.
  2. Only direct delivery to the consumer must be made, it is not allowed in delivery by mail.
  3. Gross sales must not exceed $ 50 per year.
  4. Food Delivery Permits Florida

This means that if you are thinking of having a catering business from home in FloridaWith a wide variety of products, you may not be able to do so due to limitations.

Also, in that case you would need a license to sell food.

The law states that food must only be sold within the state of Florida. They can also be sold through a website but must be delivered in person. Only collection and delivery services direct to the consumer's event are allowed.

After familiarizing yourself with this law, review the county requirements. These can be even more demanding than the state itself.

What do I need to sell homemade food in Florida

To start, you must have cooking skills and enjoy what you do. You also need some technical knowledge; for example, about allergens and how to prepare safe food.

Explore job niches and decide what to sell. So you can put together the business menu. For this you must know what are the foods that the law allows. The list includes the following:

  1. Breads, cookies, muffins, rolls, cakes, tortillas.
  2. Baked sweets, candies.
  3. Honey, jelly and preserves.
  4. Vinegars, spices and condiments.
  5. Tea leaves, cereals, dried herbs.
  6. Dry pasta.
  7. Granola, popcorn, coated or uncoated nuts.
  8. Cakes without fillings or toppings that require refrigeration.

Canned, fermented foods, sauces, perishable baked goods, that require refrigeration are prohibited. For the full list of allowed and prohibited foods, consult the law.

Take advantage of the influence of Hispanic food and create a menu that shows your roots.

In your home you will need enough space to store the products and ingredients you use. Regarding this aspect, it also evaluates suppliers to obtain quality products.

Also establish a sales and marketing plan. On this aspect, remember that it is not allowed to sell wholesale, in restaurants or shops; Nor with food that is not homemade.

What are the licenses I need?

While you don't require a permission to sell food at home, there is another permit to sell food from home in florida.

Check what licenses and permits are required at the local and state level.

If your business has a business name you must register it. You may need a seller's license to buy bulk food for your products, as well as a business license.

Also consult about registration and payment of taxes. In case you hire personnel to help you in the production you will have to process a Federal Identification Number.

We hope we have helped you solve your doubts about what I need to sell homemade food in Florida. This is a profitable business idea, take advantage of it. And if you want to know which are the most famous Hispanic Restaurants in the United States, you can read our note HERE

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