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Want to be an electrician in Tennessee? We explain how


If you have considered start an electrical business in Tennessee. as Hispanic Entrepreneurs We explain what is necessary step by step. The energy sector is one of the most developed in the state, therefore it has many job opportunities. Read on to know what training should be like and what to do to undertake in this area.

Steps to becoming an electrician in Tennessee

Being an electrician in Tennessee means having a broad field of work and opportunities at all times. You can work independently or as a contractor to participate in large projects. By 2015, an electrician earned an average of $ 51.880, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For these reasons it is an attractive trade. For perform electrical work in Tennessee You need to have a limited licensed electrician's permit. Among the minimum requirements to obtain it is to be over 18 years of age and have a high school certificate or proof of equivalency. But you also have to go through a training and learning process, as well as pass the corresponding evaluations.

Here we explain step by step how to become an electrician in Tennessee.

Get technical training

Although you don't have to have a professional degree to work as an electrician, you do have to participate in a training program. Each city has programs adjusted to the types of licenses that are granted in it. In general, the field of study is focused on training as an electrician and electrical safety.

In the programs the students will obtain the theoretical and practical knowledge to work in the area. In addition, they will prepare to deal later as an apprentice.

To comply with this process, the interested party can take any of these routes:

  • Technical school programs. They offer both theoretical and practical training. Students will accumulate learning hours and then complete their training with work experience. The certification obtained is adjusted to the demands of the city where the school is located.
  • Learning programs. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers together with the National Association of Electrical Contractors offer training programs in which it is possible to earn money while learning the trade. They combine education with field work and learning lasts between 4 and 5 years.
  • Work experience. It is also possible to gain experience in the field working as an assistant for an electrical contractor. This path requires less time than the learning programs -2 or 3 years-, but it should be combined with theoretical learning for evaluations.

Pass the assessments

Work as an electrician in Tennessee it requires passing the official exams that will allow obtaining the license. Each municipality has its own requirements, so it is important to check with the local government.

The type of electrical work to be done depends on the license to which it must be applied. In addition to testing the hours of experience and education, you must pay the exam fees.

Licenses have a validity period and must be renewed upon expiration.

Get certified

After obtaining the license, you can choose one of the certifications offered by the Joint National Committee for Learning and Training and the National Institute of Certification in Engineering Technologies. This will require passing an assessment and demonstrating skills in a specific field.

A certified electrical worker has greater employment opportunities and his annual income increases.

How to start an electrical business in Tennessee

Training as an electrician and obtaining the corresponding certifications are the first step to start your business in the electrical sector. At the same time you can train in other areas related to business management.

The next step is to start shaping the venture. Prepare the business plan, define objectives, make financial projections, define the financial structure and the strategies you are going to follow.

Research the requirements to register your business, as well as other permits and licenses that you must obtain. These include a business license, employer identification number, certificate of tax records, among others. You must be clear about what are the local, state and federal permits to have everything in order.

Seek the help of business advisers to guide you through the process if you find it difficult. Doing it yourself is possible, but you have to be attentive to all the details and have a lot of patience.

In addition to all this you must take into account if you need financing and where you can get it. It is likely that you will need a loan to start the business since you will need equipment and tools suitable for the work.

When deciding to work in the electrical sector, remember the risks inherent in the profession. You must have commercial liability insurance. When hiring the team, verify the credentials to avoid problems later.

If you want to work as electrical contractor in Tennessee, get an independent electrical contractor license. To do this you must make the request, present the evidence and wait for the approval of the licensing board. Getting it will allow you to participate in projects valued at more than $ 25.000.

Dare to start an electrical business in Tennessee as it is one of the most profitable sectors. Investigate the requirements demanded in the municipality where you are and start preparing. To learn more about the business world in this state, read our online magazine.

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