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Resources for Entrepreneurs in Clarksville

Resources for Entrepreneurs in Clarksville
Resources for Entrepreneurs in Clarksville

Having the support of other people when you are starting a business is invaluable. They mean the support you need to define your idea and obtain the resources to make it come true. Therefore, in Hispanic Entrepreneurs we want you to know the resources for entrepreneurs in Clarksville.

Starting a business from scratch

Entrepreneurship is an arduous task that requires time and dedication, in addition to the investment that any company requires. When you don't have experience it can be even more difficult to do. So having a person or organization to support you will make overcoming each obstacle easier.

It is also a job for which you have to be patient. A new business is unlikely to succeed in a few months or a year. As an entrepreneur you must think ahead. That is, go step by step, learn and correct what is necessary to extend the life of your company. If it exceeds the first five years, it can be considered that it is already stable.

If you decided to undertake in the United States you must be clear on what steps to follow to be successful. We can summarize them in:

  • Define your business idea.
  • Choose which city you are going to undertake.
  • Prepare a business plan.
  • Define the structure of the organization.
  • Register the company.
  • Obtain the necessary permits and licenses to operate.
  • Obtain the Employer Identification Number.
  • Open a bank account for your business.

Doing all of this requires organization and research time. Each city in Tennessee has its own requirements. In addition, there are the obligations of the state itself and the federal ones. If you have advice from someone with more experience, the chances of reaching your goals will be greater.

Resources for Entrepreneurs in Clarksville

In Clarksville and throughout the state of Tennessee there are organizations ready to support new entrepreneurs. There are programs to educate and provide assistance during the training process. As well as there are them to help to obtain the necessary financing.

To access these you just have to know where to go. Therefore, today we decided to mention some resources for entrepreneurs that you will find in the city. Evaluate what each one has to offer and go to them if you are looking for support.

Clarksville Entrepreneur Center

El Clarksville Entrepreneur Center It is a type of organization known as a business incubator. His job is to provide training and advice to entrepreneurs. In the same way, he is in charge of connecting them with mentors who help him during the process of building his own business.

They have developed programs like Co. Starters that provides the necessary tools to shape business ideas. As well as to launch it and make it grow.

Through these types of programs they give them the tools that new entrepreneurs need. They help them develop new relationships and know the market they are going to face. Through the training process it is possible to put together a business plan based on real data, as they seek to obtain feedback from potential customers.

In turn, the Clarksville Entrepreneur Center works in conjunction with other organizations of this type. So it will allow you to expand your network of contacts.

Launch Tennessee

The goal of this organization is to make Tennessee an entrepreneur-friendly state. As they maintain on their website.

It has a program for entrepreneurs with which they support startups with growth potential. Adjusting the training to the needs of each one. At Launch Tennessee they claim that any type of business can prosper in the state. So they provide advice to help develop the business idea from scratch.

They teach how to research the market, have advisory and consultation programs, as well as access to financing.

They also offer relevant information to help you get to know Tennessee's business environment and the areas with the greatest opportunities to invest.

Small Business Development Center

It is an organization with more than 30 years of experience supporting entrepreneurs in Tennessee. They offer assistance and consultancies to help develop new business ideas.

They offer training for entrepreneurs, business financing, advocacy for small businesses, among others.


This organization focuses on diversity. He was born in Clarksville and is one of the newest organizations. But his work is limited to this city, it has also spread to other areas like Campbell, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis.

Its goal is to support minorities and diversity communities in general. And in this way help them find sponsorship and advice to develop their companies. They make it very clear that anyone can join the work of the organization.

Since their inception they have provided support to people with disabled or non-disabled veterans, business women, people of color, the LBGTQ community, among others.

In addition to these resources for entrepreneurs in Clarksville there are others such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Minority Assistance Center, etc. Come to these organizations if you want to have more training when undertaking.

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