Requirements to open a bakery in Chile

POR Hispanic Entrepreneurs October 10, 2023
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Bread is one of the foods that Chileans consume the most, so it also becomes a profitable business opportunity. Know what are the requirements to open a bakery in Chile with Hispanic Entrepreneurs. If you have gastronomic skills and know how to differentiate yourself from the competition, you are one step closer to success.

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Steps to set up a bakery

A bakery is a business like any other and therefore requires a lot of planning. This means doing market research to find out about potential customers and what the competition is doing. In addition, it will help you identify who will be the providers.

From this analysis you will make important decisions about your business. Some of the key points to know how to open a bakery in Chile that will emerge from there are:

  • Type of bakery you are going to set up: That is, if you are going to sell online, if you will have a store to serve customers or a combination of both. Additionally, you will define the type of product to sell; for example, if you specialize in a specific type of bread or include more products such as cakes and sweets. This goes hand in hand with the talent you have.
  • Location: You must be close to where customers are, even if you are going to sell your products online. The market study of where the demand is, and even the projections for the future.
  • differentiating factor: By knowing how the competition works you will be able to decide what you have to offer that is better. This is key to staying in the baking business.
  • Equipment you need: When deciding the type of bakery you are going to set up, it is easier to define the equipment to use. The basic ones are the oven and the mixer. To these are added baking trays, racks, fermentation chambers, scales, among others.
  • Budget: Evaluate how much capital you have to start the business and how much you need. This way you will have the basis to seek financing.

Focus on offering quality products and good customer service, as this is what will keep your clientele.

Prepare the business plan

With all the information, prepare the business plan. In this document you must add the economic projections, the advertising plan, etc. Remember that this will be the guide you will have to carry out the bakery.

This plan will also help you get the financing you need. So it must be detailed and realistic.

On the other hand, you must calculate the sale price of the product and include it. Likewise, you must indicate what the costs of raw materials and labor and rent of the premises will be.

Other tasks you must do to start a bakery include talking with suppliers and checking permits and more. legal obligations of the company.


Requirements to open a bakery in Chile

A bakery is a food processing facility and as such must meet a series of sanitary requirements in order to operate.

You must request health authorization from the Regional Ministerial Secretariat (SEREMI) of health. This is a mandatory requirement for all businesses that "produce, manufacture, preserve, package, store, distribute and / or sell food or food additives."

The authorization is processed once the premises are ready to operate, since SEREMI officials will conduct an inspection to ensure that it complies with the regulations.

To make the request, a series of documents must be submitted:

  • Municipal authorization.
  • Plan or sketch of plant and sanitary facilities to scale.
  • Description of the production processes.
  • Raw materials to be used.
  • Types of food they will make.
  • Proof of payment of the public sewerage system or resolution of the private sewerage work.
  • Proof of payment for drinking water from the public network or resolution of the private drinking water work.
  • Sketch or technical memory of the heat, odor or vapor removal systems and the cold system, as appropriate.
  • Sanitary quality control system.
  • Waste disposal system.

To obtain authorization in a shopping center or with facilities on public roads, other documents must be presented in addition to the above. Check the complete requirements at There you will get more information on how to open a small bakery.

Comply with sanitary regulations

In addition to obtaining authorization, the bakery business must follow a Good Manufacturing Practices manual and have a quality control system. In this way, cross contamination is avoided and food consumption is guaranteed to be safe.

On the other hand, the company must ensure that workers comply with health obligations. These include washing your hands frequently; those who handle food cannot receive money or carry any type of adornment in their hands; nor can they carry out any activity that can contaminate food in the preparation area, among other rules.

Workers should receive training in cleaning and hygiene, as well as in food handling.

These are the requirements to open a bakery in Chile. If you need help opening your business, contact us.