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Apply for an Employer Identification Number online

Online Employer Identification Number
Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) online

Obtaining an EIN is among the procedures you must follow to start your business. Therefore, in Hispanic Entrepreneurs We tell you how to request the Online Employer Identification Number. Read on so you understand what it is, who needs it and where to get it.

What is the EIN?

EIN stands for Employer Identification Number, Employer Identification Number in Spanish. This is a nine-digit code used for tax administration purposes.

That is, if you still don't know where to get an EIN number, you must go to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS, for its acronym in English). The procedure is free and the agency has several methods through which it can be processed.

Si vas a register a company in the United States you will likely need an EIN. The IRS establishes the criteria that define which businesses must obtain an EIN. These include the following:

  • Companies that are going to hire employees.
  • Those that do not have employees, but operate as a corporation or partnership.
  • Open a business bank account for the company.
  • To change the structure of the organization.
  • Buy a business that is already up and running.
  • He is an agent withholding taxes on non-salary income paid to a foreigner.

See list of criteria to apply for the EIN on the IRS website.

How to get an EIN

The IRS has four different methods for applying for the EIN. We list each one below.

  1. Online application. It is the fastest method since you will receive the number immediately, once you complete the application and the IRS validates the information.
  2. By FAX. The taxpayer must complete the form SS-4 and send it to the corresponding FAX number. Add a number to your own FAX number to receive a response from the IRS. This process takes 4 days.
  3. Request by mail. The form is completed and sent by mail and the applicant will receive the answer by this same means. In this case, it may take 4 weeks to complete the process.
  4. By phone. This alternative is for international applicants. The number 267-941-1099 is available to them and the caller must be authorized to answer questions related to the form.

Apply for Employer Identification Number online

At Hispanos Emprendedores we offer you a simple guide so that you understand how to obtain an EIN for an LLC or any other type of company. Here are the steps you must follow:

Check eligibility

The IRS indicates that before applying the IRS must verify that you are eligible for it. In this sense, it presents three criteria. First, the main business is located within the United States or one of the United States territories.

On the other hand, the person completing the electronic EIN application must have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number such as SSN, ITIN, EIN.

And finally, each responsible person can apply for only one EIN online per day. If you have already met this limit, you must resort to another method.

For the application you can enter the official website of the IRS https://www.irs.gov/spanish/solicite-un-numero-de-identificacion-del-empleador-en-linea

Complete the electronic application

To find out how to get an EIN number in Tennessee through the internet, continue with the second step. This consists of completing the electronic application, which must be done in a single session since the system will not save the information to continue later.

That is, if you exit the session without completing the request or keep it idle for 15 minutes, the request expires. Consequently, you will have to start filling in the information again.

Send the request

After completing the information, you submit the application and the IRS will validate the information you submitted. By doing so, you will receive the EIN immediately. Then you can download, save and print the confirmation notice.

If you want to read more about business licenses in Tennessee you can read 7 questions about the business license in Clarksville.

After obtaining the Employer Identification Number online and starting your business, don't forget to register it in the Hispanic business directory to give you greater visibility.

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