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Hispanic Food and Food Trends of 2021

gastronomic trends of 2021
gastronomic trends of 2021

As the new year approaches, the interest in learning about the gastronomic trends of 2021 and how Hispanic food will be coupled with these. Today from Hispanic Entrepreneurs We review what the experts have said about what to expect in food consumption in the coming months.

Taking care of health will be a priority

If there is something that 2020 taught us, it is that we must monitor our immune system more and this begins with having a healthier diet. As a result of the pandemic, there is greater awareness about it, so eating habits were affected. And for next year it is estimated that more consumers will worry about eating foods that take care of their health.

Foods and drinks with less sugar, greater interest in the origin of food and an increase in the consumption of plant-based meals, are some of the gastronomic trends of 2021.

Consumers know that they should take care of themselves and nourish themselves more, but this is not just because of covid-19. We have a consumer who also observes what is happening around him. The Speciallity Food Asociation associates this with the entry of Gen Z into the consumer market.

As a consequence, there is greater concern about climate change; what results in increased consumption of seasonal plants, fruits and vegetables, at the same time that the amount of red meat decreases. Likewise, the attention is directed towards companies that defend equality and justice.

Hispanic Food and Food Trends of 2021

Let's find out what are the trends in the gastronomic industry that we will see over the next few months.

Food delivery

We mentioned this trend first because it is something we are already getting used to, so it will not be new. However, we want to emphasize that it will be consolidated within our consumption habits.

As we spend more time at home, we will continue to ask for food to be delivered to the door. It is even estimated that this custom remains beyond covid-19. Because it is more comfortable, saves time and provides us with variety in food.

So if you have a Hispanic restaurant in Tennessee You must include the delivery service.

Personalized nutrition

Seeking nutritional advice will be a habit that will also become stronger in the coming months. This is because each consumer has a lifestyle that they have become aware of in recent months. So you want to eat a diet that fits this.

This habit is also part of that concern for taking care of health. They will look for functional foods that meet their nutritional needs and for this, personalized advice will be essential.

Homemade food

Next year traditional dishes will be rescued, we have already begun to do so. This also has its reason for being in the events of 2020. Being at home there is more time to cook, so we turn to those flavors that do not bring back and are familiar to us.

But consumers will also want to prepare their favorite restaurant dishes at home. There is a solution that some establishments have already tested and that is to sell the ingredients of their dishes so that customers can make them at home.

As part of the new trends in gastronomic service, this strategy works for both parties.

International food

It has a certain relationship with the previous point, in addition to the limitations that exist to travel. There will be greater interest in international dishes and ingredients from other regions when eating at home.

This interest is an opportunity not only for restaurants, but also for food producers, who will find a more receptive market for their regional products.

Conscious consumption

Part of the situations that we have seen in recent months has to do with social and cultural movements. There will also be influence of these trends in food.

Consumers are more attentive to what is happening around them and where food comes from. Companies that share values ​​with these clients - and defend them - will have an advantage over the rest.

Buying food from companies that have ethical practices, that defend equality and justice will be a priority.


Through food, people can act responsibly with the environment. Climate change is of increasing concern and the conscious consumer will try to do what they can to combat it.

In this sense, buying seasonal food will make more sense from now on.

Organic ingredients also take on even greater relevance.

Hispanic food can adapt very well to the gastronomic trends of 2021. If you have a business within this industry, it is convenient that you adapt your strategy for what is to come.

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