Hispanos Emprendedores Edition 14

POR Hispanos Emprendedores Nov 03, 2020

Hispanos Emprendedores wants to remind all our readers that we are still here with you, and that we are proud to see that beyond this pandemic, our community remains firm and fighting as always. So, we tell you that we are going to continue taking the stories of our entrepreneurs to every place we can.

Now our website is receiving more than 4,000 visits per month, from all over the United States and South America. The digital work that we have been doing leads us to think of new and better strategies to communicate and continue bringing important information to entrepreneurs.

Now we have new plans and we already envision a world without a pandemic, where we will see each other again and work together. Soon we will have more news, more information and more digital resources to keep informing our community. Hispanos Emprendedores See Less