Inicio Revistas Revista Estados Unidos María and David are Hispanic Entrepreneurs | Edition 25

María and David are Hispanic Entrepreneurs | Edition 25


This special edition celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and passion that has propelled “Hispanos Emprendedores” to be more than just a magazine. Born from the dreams and aspirations of María and David, this platform has evolved into an educational and informational lighthouse for the Hispanic community on their entrepreneurial journey.

Since its inception in 2016, it has served as an essential tool to guide Hispanic entrepreneurs in their businesses, gaining recognition in Montgomery County. But its impact extends beyond mere information; it underscores the success stories and determination within the Hispanic community.

In this 25th edition, we honor the work and dedication of the team behind the magazine. We’ve crafted an edition that captures the essence of the magazine, which is teamwork. Each member plays a pivotal role in delivering “Hispanos Emprendedores” to its audience.

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