Teófilo´s Paletería! A Story Off Flavor and Dreams – Edition 27

POR Hispanos Emprendedores Feb 22, 2024

The 27th edition of “Hispanos Emprendedores” kicks off 2024 focusing on innovation and adaptability in business. It highlights the story of Teófilo’s Ice Cream Paletería, a successful example in artisanal ice cream. Founders Zenón and Elvin Teófilo share their journey, emphasizing the importance of education in management and marketing. This edition includes a foldable business model template, guiding entrepreneurs in planning and realizing their projects. Furthermore, it discusses the significance of an effective business model and innovation in digital marketing and internal processes, underscoring its importance in today’s era. The articles provide inspiration and practical tools, spotlighting innovation and preparation as keys to entrepreneurial success.

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